Go Green with a Water Saving Faucet Aerator!!

Released on: May 2, 2008, 2:01 am

Press Release Author: Greg Gullaksen

Industry: Human Resources

Press Release Summary: Flow Wright, Inc. offer Several Green Solutions

Press Release Body: Lake Zurich, IL ( ExpressPressRelease ) April 22, 2008- With the
global movement towards Green products, water is one of the highest priorities for
those looking to conserve. While we need water for a variety of household reasons,
we often are not aware of how much we actually waste.

If we have high flow faucets, a great deal more water is consumed than with a low
flow faucet, yet each can provide the basic necessities that consumers are searching
for. Flow Wright Inc. offers a wide selection of faucet aerators that offer a high
quality engineered water stream, yet with the advantage of minimizing water waste.

In addition, the company's faucet aerators can help to eliminate the sediment build
up that is often found in our water supplies, ultimately leading to clogging of the
faucet aerator over time.

"We pride ourselves on the high quality products that we offer and the exceptional
customer service that we give to each distributor and manufacturer that we supply,"
said one of the company founders.

In addition to faucet aerators, Flow Wright, Inc. also offers diverter valves,
strainers, snap fittings, snap couplers, swivel aerators and adapters. So whether
you are looking to conserve water or to provide a high quality water stream in your
home or business, Flow Wright, Inc. can not only answer any questions that you may
have, but they can provide you with an excellent selection of products to suit your
specific needs.

If you are interested in more information about water saving faucet aerators, visit
the company's website at href=http://www.FaucetAerators.com>www.FaucetAerators.com or call

About Flow Wright, Inc.

Flow Wright, Inc. is a supplier of faucet
aerators, adapters, snap-fittings and couplers, priding themselves on their quality
products and services. Their faucet aerators provide a high quality engineered
stream without the use of screens which help to deliver a quality water flow to the

For more information, please visit: href=http://www.FaucetAerators.com>www.FaucetAerators.com.

Flow Wright, Inc
212 Jamie Ln. Lake Zurich
IL 60047


Web Site: http://www.FaucetAerators.com

Contact Details: Flow Wright, Inc
212 Jamie Ln. Lake Zurich
IL 60047

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