ISRAEL21c Headlines and Exclusives for May 12, 2008

Released on: May 12, 2008, 6:17 am

Press Release Author: ISRAEL21c

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Press Release Summary: This week in ISRAEL21c: Israeli relief workers en route to
Myanmar; a hybrid engine that can run on any fuel type; transmitting medical images
by cell phone; a new, painless syringe; futuristic fashion - plus San Francisco\'s
Mayor Gavin Newsom in Israel to celebrate the country\'s 60th anniversary.

Press Release Body: Cupertino, CA; May 12, 2008 - News website ISRAEL21c releases
this week\'s headlines and exclusives about Israeli advancements and innovations in
healthcare, high-tech and more.

Israel\'s Newton puts green in motion
With demand for green energy growing rapidly, an Israeli company has developed a way
to make traditional engines better by building a hybrid engine that can run on any
fuel type - even biodiesel.

Israeli scientist holds out hope of diagnosis by cell phone
An Israeli researcher has developed a method of transmitting medical images by cell
phone, giving hope to millions of people living in undeveloped countries miles from
the nearest medical center.

Sindolor puts the needle's sting on ice
Israeli company Sindolor has developed a new syringe that can deliver drugs into the
body painlessly. Already in advanced negotiations with one of the world\'s top pharma
companies, the needle should be on the US market by next year.

Global Democracy:
Israel flies in relief volunteers to Myanmar
With the death toll rising and thousands still homeless, Israel has sent a team of
relief workers to Myanmar in an effort to help the disaster torn region clear up
after the devastating Cyclone Nargis.

The lady is a trompe l\'oeil
Israeli fashion house Frau Blau uses high-tech photorealistic printing techniques to
create futuristic fashion that\'s witty, whimsical and very wearable.

San Franciscans explore 60 years of Israeli art and culture
A delegation of over 100 Americans from San Francisco, led by Mayor Gavin Newsom,
are in Israel this week to celebrate the country\'s 60th anniversary, and to learn
about a side of the country rarely seen in the headlines.

SF Mayor Gavin Newsom in Israel
San Francisco\'s Mayor, Gavin Newsom, was in Israel last week as part of a Jewish
Federation Mission. Aside from exploring Israel\'s vigorous business world, Newsom
also discovered that life in the country is very different from what\'s portrayed in
the US media. Learn more in our video-only story.

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