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Released on: May 29, 2008, 10:23 am

Press Release Author: Joshua Meyer

Industry: Marketing

Press Release Summary: Learn some of the little known secrets to making money off

Press Release Body: In less than 10 years Google has become the dominant power of
the internet. If someone needs to search the web for something, Google is who they
trust to direct them in the right direction. Being such a powerful and innovative
company, Google is also very trusted in general. They are extremely reliable and
have constantly found new ways to make money in intelligent ways.

One of Google's primary sources of income is their advertising programs. They have
a program called Google AdWords that has become a necessary part of generating
traffic for just about any site on the web selling a product. The way it works is
that people who want to drive traffic to their webpage will bid on specific relevant
keywords. When someone runs a Google search on these specific keywords, the
bidder's page will show up in the sponsored links on the results page. It is a fast
way to make your webpage available to the public. The interesting thing about
Google AdWords is the bidder pays-per-click, or in other words, the bidder pays only
when someone click on the link leading to their page.

Another advertising program is Google AdSense. This program allows people to place
ads on their webpage for other people's services. It is a way to maximize you
site's potential income. The way it works is Google looks through a given webpage,
and finds its relevant topics. It then says, "This page talks a lot about flowers
(just an example). This would be a good place to put ads for site that sell
flowers. " Google AdSense then places the ads on your page and every time someone
clicks on an ad on your page, you get a commission of what they pay to have the
advertising there.
Now here's the point. Google makes a ton of money off of these programs which means
they can pay tons to have people promote the same programs. They want more people
to use them. So here's the little known big secret. Google Advertising has
affiliate programs! Google will actually pay you to get other people to sign up for
their advertising programs. This is an overlooked but powerful way to make money in
the affiliate world.

Entrepreneur Kimball Roundy has developed a system that teaches you how to make
money off of Google Advertising via video lessons. This system is called The
SpiderWeb Marketing System and not only does it teach you how to promote Google
Advertising, it does it for you through the system itself. Kimball gives this
system away for free for this reason: by signing up for this Google advertising
through The SpiderWeb Marketing System, he gets a commission from Google. You, the
user, get to use the system for free, and then the system allows you to get other
people to sign up for Google advertising under you! That means that you will start
making passive income by successfully generating a downline and it's all free! The
SpiderWeb Marketing System will do everything for you. So to recap, you can make
money off of Google, and now, you can do it better than everyone else.

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