Mulit-Instrumentalist Songwriter PNG debuting For First Time On New York Radio

Released on: May 27, 2008, 6:45 pm

Press Release Author: SME Publishing

Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: P.N.g\'s \'I Am The Air\' To Finally Get Some Air

Press Release Body: PNG's CD Maxi Single 'I Am The Air' will be featured for the
first time on a major terrestrial radio station, Long Island New York's WMIR 100.9
weekly program "The Indie Revolution", a one-hour radio program dedicated to braking
new cutting-edge independent music from new acts. The program is simulcast both on
local New York area radio, and streamed live through WMIR's website. The show is
then converted to into a podcast which is then posted on where fans can further inquire and discover new
music from the original broadcast.

Priorly, the single 'Air', a classic-rock track, plus it's accompanying 'b-side',
the hip hop track 'Farewell 2 My Nation' had been making its rounds on various
internet-based radio stations to relatively good fare. KC Shoen , CEO of ShoEnTeL
Music (P.N.G.'s parent label) stated " It demonstrates that timing is everything. We
have been at this for several months, knowing that what we needed was access to a
larger audience. Now it's finally going to take place." The maxi single, released as
a four-song lead-off to P.N.G.s upcoming full length CD "Programmed Response", was
only to be simply used as a marketing tool among other industry members for the
purpose of licensing. "That is still in play", says KC, "but now any potential fans
who wish to have that 'hard copy' can do so through Itunes. There will be airplay
such as this for the single. It is still in process.'

The debut will air on Sunday, June 8th at 10 pm EST. The broadcast is sponsored by A
& R Unlimited, LLC.

Web Site:

Contact Details: 1347 N. Vista #203
Los Angeles, Cali.

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