New Magazine Comes Out Fighting Straight to the Top

Released on: May 27, 2008, 11:15 am

Press Release Author: Bellezza Magazine

Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: \"We make our content pertinent and important. We never want
to be superficial or lacking in substance.\"

Press Release Body: Bellezza Magazine launches striving to be the new magazine for
all women. Their niche is where other magazines of their genre falter: the natural
beauty of all women. This is so instilled in Bellezza that their content reveals
insightful products and celebrity interviews that will appeal to the every day woman
and not the superficial faade of what a woman should be.

"It has been an amazing time. They have Tyra Banks on the June cover; Matt Cedeno
and Christopher DeBlasio set for September; and plan to have Shane Sparks on the
cover for October. Their celebrity interviews are already being back-shelved for
future dates simply due to time constraints. I think when you see their June issue
you will be shocked to see such big names in a start up magazine", comments
publicist Leann Connor.

Bellezza prides itself for giving unknown artists, designers, and up and coming
stars exposure to their 2008 circulation of over 800,000 readers. Bellezza also
sponsors a "Give a Dollar" campaign in every issue which introduces a reputable
charity to their readers and asks each to send in one dollar. In turn this is
donated 100% to the featured charity.

"All I can say is get in now! You would be lucky to get in before August as a
celebrity or advertiser. Bellezza is expected to grow by at least 50% in the next
year making their circulation over 1.5 million. They are charitable, encouraging,
easily accessible, and just not what you would expect from a major fashion and
beauty magazine. This makes them very desirable in every aspect of their business",
explains Leann, "somehow they were able to launch and compete directly with the Big
5 like a force of nature."

Web Site:

Contact Details: Visit for more information on Bellezza Magazine.

Name: Leann Connor, PR
Phone: 917-438-9105

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