Recent Advances in Technology Are Bringing Filmmakers Online

Released on: May 21, 2008, 1:50 pm

Press Release Author: Peter Sanditia

Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: Independent Filmmakers looking to new technology to help with
film creation & distribution

Press Release Body: It hasn't reached the critical mass yet, but filmmakers are
finding ways to create and promote their films online. Due to an increasingly
competitive film distribution environment, many filmmakers are being left without a
distribution deal.

This is equivalent to career suicide if the filmmaker had investors onboard to help
get the film "in the can". Not getting a distribution deal, likely means that you
won't be paying back your investors. This also means that potential investors for
your next film will stay clear of the phone when your number shows up on call

However, all is not lost. Online distribution companies are now starting to pick up
films and documentaries and showing them to their website audiences. There will
usually be some type of distribution agreement that will stipulate:

1. The online distribution company and the filmmaker split profits from downloads or
streaming video.

2. The online distribution company and the filmmaker split profits from online

Part of the problem with films that don't get picked up by a major or mini-major
distribution company isn't necessarily that their film concept is terrible. It
usually has to do with the film lacking "production value". Many distribution
companies want a certain "look and feel" to their movies. Usually this means abiding
by a set of filmmaking and acting standards which are proven to be acceptable to
film audiences.

However, many independent filmmakers lack the schooling, experience or technical
training to be able to incorporate these "production value" adding elements to their
film. The problem remains that many independent filmmakers don't want to spend tens
of thousands of dollars in tuition costs when they could use that many to "learn on
the street" by creating their own films and making mistakes along the way.

However, recently online film courses have been entering the market allowing
filmmakers to get the technical education they require without paying the costs
associated with enrolling in bricks and mortar film school. Lights Film School
( is one of those online film schools offering students the
opportunity to learn all of the elements of filmmaking in a period in as little as 1
- 4 months and for as little as a couple hundred dollars.

Flash video technology, online lecture notes, interactive student communities and
comprehensive student reviews allow for filmmakers to experience the same type of
learning they would in a traditional film school but now instead of attending class,
they watch videos on their computer. Instead of buying thousands of dollars in film
books, they read digital lecture notes. The differences are subtle, and it won't be
for everyone, but it is a great alternative for those filmmakers looking to enhance
the look and feel of their independent films without having to take out a student
loan or spend 4 years in a classroom.

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