The Risks of Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) and How to Avoid Them

Released on: May 21, 2008, 11:28 am

Press Release Author: Joshua Meyer

Industry: Marketing

Press Release Summary: Network marketing without the risk!

Press Release Body: Multi-level marketing (MLM) can be a great way to generate
passive income. The idea behind MLMs is that with a little initial work, you can
generate a long-term residual income. By recruiting people to join the MLM, you can
generate income off of their work and the people that they recruit. Every person's
dream, but how can you make sure that you will come out on top?

Unfortunately, most people that attempt a multi-level marketing program often end up
losing money. Why does this happen? Many, if not most multi-level marketing
programs require that the user pay an initial fee. This fee is also known as an
opt-in fee. People that have little or no knowledge about how MLMs work often pay
this fee, and then after a little frustration quickly give up. After all, the
person that recruited them has already made some money off of them.

Fortunately, there is a multi-level marketing program out there that does not
require an initial opt-in fee. When I first heard about the SpiderWeb Marketing
System, I was a bit skeptical. If signing up for this system doesn't cost anything,
how would its creators and sponsors make money? The SpiderWeb Marketing System has
videos that explain how the system works and how everyone benefits from it. The
first thing I loved about having access to all these videos is that it lessens the
dependence that I had on my sponsor. Even if I had questions, he could often easily
point me in the direction of a particular video with all the answers.

Since there is no opt-in fee, my sponsor makes money, when, and only when, I make
money. That means they would have more of an interest in my success. I felt
comfortable signing up for the SpiderWeb Marketing System upon learning that there
is no risk of losing money. I personally have wanted to put my foot in the MLM door
for years. My fear wasn't necessarily failure, it was losing money. With that fear
eliminated, I was on my way to generating passive income and have learned a ton of
useful marketing information that has already been of value to me.

My sponsor has been great, and I have really taken off. I never lost any money, not
even in the beginning. Being able to give multi-level marketing a shot without
having to buy anything, pay an opt-in fee, or put myself at any risk has been an
amazing experience which I have waited for years to have.

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