12 Healing Principles to Rebuilding Your Life

Released on: June 2, 2008, 11:35 am

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Press Release Summary: Offering modern-day stories and examples, Kimberly Ware gives
tips and exercises on healing

Press Release Body: According to the American Heart Association, about one in three
U.S. adults has high blood pressure, but because there are no symptoms, nearly
one-third of these people don\'t know they have it. Social problems and stress are
some of the factors that can lead to health problems within the United States.

With the pressures of the rising cost of living, increased unemployment and
foreclosure rates, Americans are now under stress. Rebuild Your Life Month gives
people a chance to rebuild their lives through spiritual healing.

Atlanta, author, Kimberly Ware, has written a brilliantly profound yet simple and
easy to use guide, journal, and workbook for women facing life changing events. The
12 principles to rebuilding your life are: healing your heart, mind, body, spirit,
soul, family, faith, courage, strength, wisdom, willpower, and through life

When women go through social struggles in their life such as divorce, single
parenting, emotional abuse, domestic violence, rape, or near death experiences it
can be quite dramatic. At first these experiences can cause a wound, not just a
physical wound, but a spiritual wound that also needs healing. Often times these
wounds can not be seen with the naked eye but they are still there.

Offering modern-day stories and examples from her own personal experiences, Ware
gives tips and exercises on spiritual healing. This book touches on how to heal
through affirmations and meditation. Kimberly shows how it\'s possible to heal your
wings and prosper after overcoming life changing events.

Kimberly Ware is the author of Heal My Wings Oh Lord: A Healing Guide and Journal
for Women and the Purpose Lies Within book series. Kimberly Ware is a spiritual
healer and teacher. She conducts the Heal My Wings Oh Lord and Purpose Lies Within
Workshops through out the country.

Web Site: http://www.kimberlyware.com

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Address: 1688 Cobbs Creek Lane, Decatur 30032
Phone #: 404-781-1970
e-mail: info@kimberlyware.com

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