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Released on: June 19, 2008, 12:46 pm

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Industry: Marketing

Press Release Summary: - Launches it\'s Affiliate
Program Network.

Press Release Body: is a new Affiliate Network
which was started in early 2008 by a team of Super Affiliates who have made a
substantial amount of revenue in the past 10 years through Affiliate Marketing. The
founders of have taken their know-how, experience
and the contacts they have developed over the last decade and consolidated them into
this new Affiliate Network.
Joseph Maresca, Co-Founder of says, "We have been
in the Affiliate Marketing industry for the past 10 years. In the past decade we
have made unbelievable strides in the Affiliate Marketing world and would like to
translate those skills and accomplishments and develop an Affiliate Network that is
second to none. Being Affiliates for so long, we have encountered every problem,
hurdle or issue that an Affiliate Marketer may face. We want to take those
experiences and package them in an Affiliate Network that both Advertisers and
Publishers will love. From an Advertiser standpoint, we understand the importance of
ROI. We have developed an Affiliate Network that will allow Advertisers to take
their Marketing budgets and rest easy knowing that they made a wise investment. In
terms of Publishing, we have encountered every issue that a Publisher may face. We
are taking that experience and have developed an Affiliate Network that focuses on
the key issues and we work to ensure that our Affiliates never have to worry about
if they are going to get paid or if the Technology in place will properly track
their traffic, leads or sales. We also put a lot of our resources into Customer
Support which include Affiliate Marketing Training. If you are a new Affiliate or a
Super Affiliate is the Affiliate Network for you." is a great source for Advertisers both large and
small. offers some great advertising options for
companies in the Finance & Insurance industry. Our Publishers are thoroughly
screened and our Terms of Service is second to none. We believe that these aspects
of the business will provide quality to our Advertisers and will sustain the
integrity of our Affiliate Marketing Network.
You can get more information about our Affiliate Network at

Joseph Maresca

Web Site:

Contact Details: Joseph Maresca

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