Blind Spot Mirrors, Gas Saving Invenstions... ASF on the Aftermarket Reality


Released on: June 13, 2008, 10:33 am

Press Release Author: August West

Industry: Automotive

Press Release Summary: The Automobile Safety Foundation clarifies the importance of aftermarket products and releases the "world's number one blind spot mirror"

Press Release Body: Blind Spot Mirrors, Gas Saving Inventions, the ASF on the Aftermarket Reality

After-market auto products are needed to address safety and environmental issues on the over 500 million vehicles that are on the road world wide.

Los Angeles, June 9, 2008 -- On August 8 2008, the Automobile Safety Foundation will celebrate twenty years of auto safety excellence, and its worldwide leadership in this work. In the past, along with the backing of former President Bill Clinton, ASF was a major factor in influencing the automobile industry in replacing the hazardous standard equipment 1969 steering lock, with safe and modern "Immobilizer" auto theft prevention technology now in use on most American automobiles. This new industry standard is being observed by foreign automobile companies that are gradually making this important remedial change as well. Additionally, ASF authored warning and operation instructions about this dangerous steering lock now being printed by national DMV throughout the country. This is a first in automotive history!

TNews Imageoday the ASF has geared up to address aftermarket issues that effect us all.

In traffic, drivers can not merge onto a freeway or change lanes safely with standard equipment side view mirrors due to the hazardous blind spot on side view lane change mirrors Is there a ceiling on rising gas prices? Either way, we best go back to the drawing board and begin considering the alternatives due to the current gasoline and environmental crisis. There are a wide range of choices from the green vegetable alternative fuels, to electrics, as well as new innovations- all great for the future, but who will help us now?

The Automobile Safety Foundation, for one.

There are an estimated 500 plus million automobiles on the planet and around 150 million cars in the United States. This does not include trucks and other kinds of vehicles. The ASF states there are over 500 Million vehicles that need safety, modernization and modifications.

For instance, check out this urgent news: ASF reports, "In traffic, drivers can not merge onto a freeway or change lanes safely with standard equipment side view mirrors due to the hazardous blind spot on side view lane change mirrors". The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration and U.S. Department of Transportation report that blind spot mirror lane change accidents, such as side-swipes, damage more than 826,000 vehicles and injure more than 160,000 people each and every year. Additionally, it should be noted that these accidents are avoidable!

It is good that Ford is releasing new mirror technology --dubbed 'Blind Spot Monitoring System'. BSMS will launch in early 2009 and will use radar to track vehicles in the driver's blind spot. Ford's system will alert drivers when another vehicle is in their blind spot by sounding an audible warning and illuminating an indicator in the vehicle's side view mirror. Ford has already acknowledged the danger of blind spots by installing the split level blind spot mirror on some trucks that are now on the road.

However, this will not help you and I much with the commute to work today, or getting the kids safely to school. Progress and safety advancement should be applauded, and considered a must win situation, but since new automobiles only constitute a miniscule fraction of the world's vehicles it can be argued that the effort for auto safety and environment should focus on aftermarket products and the instillation of these goods onto the remaining ninety-nine percent of the vehicles on the road.

You can find the "world's best blind spot mirror" on the Automobile Safety Foundation web page:, but as of yet, there is not a simple aftermarket alternative fuel converter device kits, or scientists with a pill to chemically alter the composition of gasoline so that it will generate five hundred miles a gallon. So, what about the cars we now drive?

ASF is here to help.

The Automobile Safety Foundation encourages safety and alternative fuel research and development, with an emphasis on aftermarket inventions and welcomes all contributions to this important work.

Interested parties contact ASF: 858 834 4345

ASF is a 501 c 3 non-profit organization founded in 1988.

Web Site:

Contact Details: ASF 858 834 4345


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