Daba Designs Introduces Personalized Treasure Maps

Released on: June 15, 2008, 6:43 am

Press Release Author: Neil Walsh, Daba Designs

Industry: Marketing

Press Release Summary: Personalized Treasure Maps include custom art and
personalization for direct mail use.

Press Release Body: Daba Designs Introduces Personalized Treasure Maps

(CLEVELAND, OH) Personalized Treasure Maps from Daba Designs are custom created for
each individual customer. These completely unique maps are created by hand, not
digitally. Each Treasure Map resembles a pirate map in appearance, and includes 5
road, 3 landmarks, location and icon for your organization and written contact

The original hand-drawn maps are created using layers of colored pencil renderings
to give the appearance of aging. The final hand-created maps are then scanned and
digitally recreated and cleaned to be used for postcards, direct mail, printed
literature and website applications. The original map is the property of the
customer and is sent to the customer along with the scanned digital images once the
project is completed. The customer owns all rights to reproduce the map as they see

Daba Designs can then use this map to produce a variety of material based on the
needs of the customer, including:

- Two sided full-color Treasure Map Postcards, including printing, personalization
and distribution.

- Animated Treasure Maps with moving directions for website applications.

- Literature with themes designed around the Treasure Map.

- Creation of an event website if the Treasure Map was created for a specific event,
and the inclusion of the Treasure map into the site.

- As a Wedding Map, which also includes 100 printed invitation size maps.

The possibilities are endless. When used as a postcard the unique appearance
immediately grabs and holds the attention of the reader. Personalized promotional
coupons can be included on the address side to add even more impact to the postcard.
When personalized this coupon allows the company to build a database of customers
because it is personalized with the customer's name and address. The company has
the names of customers when the Treasure Map Postcard coupon is redeemed.

Anyone can do Mapquest. Treasure Maps are unique - and the results show it!

Web Site: http://www.daba-designs.com

Contact Details: Neil Walsh
Daba Designs
P.O. Box 255
North Olmsted, OH 44070

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