Expert Weighs in on All Game Fixing Talk

Released on: June 14, 2008, 12:34 pm

Press Release Author: Joe Duffy/AJA Enterprises

Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: Tim Donaghy in the NBA and Scooter McDougle in college
football are the most recent high profile gambling scandals. With speculation
sometimes out of control, sports betting expert Joe Duffy tries to keep the debate
and discussion rational.

Press Release Body: ALPHARETTA, GA-Joe Duffy is the leading authority on sports
gaming strategy and issues related to sports betting. An expert guest on several
nationally syndicated radio programs, his articles have appeared on top websites and
publications all over the world.

Since the bombshell that NBA ref Tim Donaghy is being investigated in a gambling
scandal, speculation on how he may have affected the betting outcome of games has
been rampant. Veteran sports betting expert Joe Duffy brings an educated view.

Articles related to recent scandals involving possible point shaving include:

A Fair and Balanced View of Tim Donaghy\'s Latest Claims
Sadly though, early returns of the court of public opinion suggest Donaghy's
indoctrination has been met with initial success. While Donaghy skillfully planted
confirmation bias to put the NBA on the defensive, the burden of proof is on him to
substantiate, not the league to negate.

NBA Totals Would Be the Easiest For Maverick Ref to Exploit
I will try a different approach of getting into the mind of a potential game fixer.
If hypothetically I wanted to influence the betting outcome of an NBA game with the
aid of an NBA ref, how would I do it without leaving telltale signs?

Rampant Speculation about Donaghygate
As an example, an "expert" often quoted on asserts that 13 games last year
in which Donaghy officiated were within one-point of the spread. Does ESPN use a
fact checker? According the game log as published on that same, the number
is actually 11, not 13. But fudging the number by more than 18 percent makes a much
sexier story.

Blackmail, Not Just Bribery Can Lead to Pointshaving
Most seem to assume pointspread chicanery is limited to giving money to an athlete,
coach or official in return for altering the betting result of a game. This is not
necessarily so.

Response To Professor's Contention About Point Shaving
The pointspread is not and will never be a prediction on the outcome of the game. It
is a "prediction" on what the spread needs to be to get as close to an equal amount
of money on each side. The public loves betting superior against bottom shelf squads
and this is accounted for in the line.

It is Good to Pick Bad
Every wannabe detective thinks they found the statistical smoking gun that Tim
Donaghy pointshaved games. These conclusions are based in no small part on the
epiphany that big underdogs cover at a disproportionate rate. No kidding, sharp
players have known that for years.

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