GAO Tek Releases New Optical Device Hand held OTDR

Released on: June 22, 2008, 5:49 pm

Press Release Author: gaotek inc.

Industry: Marketing

Press Release Summary: Toronto, Canada - GAO Tek Inc. is pleased to announce its new
hand held optical time domain reflectometer (OTDR): GAO3620.

Press Release Body: GAO Tek Releases New Optical Device: Hand held OTDR

Toronto, Canada - GAO Tek Inc. is pleased to announce its new hand held optical time
domain reflectometer (OTDR): GAO3620.

With high memory capacity for testing data, the GAO3620 OTDR is capable of
performing multiple calculations such as length, attenuation coefficient, connection
point, fault point and loss distribution curves of the fiber. The optical device
performs tasks such as loss characteristics analysis and fault point searching. It
also shows the loss between two points, splice loss and return loss. Even though
this OTDR has numerous features and functions it remains small in size, is easy to
use and is designed to be highly durable even for outdoor operations. It is being
widely used today in fiber manufacture, installation and maintenance. GAO's
hand-held OTDR is compatible with CATV, ISP and Telecommunications Fiber Networks.

Handle OTDR GAO3620 Key Features:

. Portable design, convenient for outdoor testing
. User friendly with simple operation menu
. Supports two markers combined
. Supports zooming in and out for specified details
. Knob design for easy operation
. Automatically searches fault points and creates a list
. More memory for test data
. Rapid response time - capable of finishing 50km fiber measurement in 30s with high
. Longer battery life, over 12 hours
. Reliable and durable

Handle OTDR GAO3620: Main specifications

. Pulse Widths: 10ns 10μs.
. Wavelengths: 1310nm20nm, 1550nm20nm
. Accuracy of Distance Measurement: 1m+reading*0.07%(not considered in error of
refractive index)
. Dynamic Range: max 26dB
. Measurement Range: 70km
. Event Dead Zone: <5m
. ATT Dead Zone: <25m
. Loss Readout Resolution: 0.01dB
. Testing Time: <30s
. Display: 320 x 240 5\" LCD
. Optical Connector Style: FC/PC
. Power Supply: AC/DC adapter(AC:90V-265V, 50Hz/60Hz), Internal Li-battery,
operating time more than 12 hours, and supports 150 curves saved at most
. Dimensions: About 265mm x 158 mm x 80 mm
. Weight: About 1.8kg

Toolbox is computer assisted analysis software provided with the GAO3620 OTDR for
data management and analysis.
This software
. assists user to quickly download and save test data with increased capacity;
. has a user-friendly operation interface making it more convenient for users to
observe details of testing curves, system settings and event information;
. supports simultaneous comparisons of up to 6 different test results;
. supports observation of single result;
. prints professional OTDR test reports and standard lists for event analysis;
. facilitates user comments and history records; and
. includes a print screen function that allows users to review test images on a PC.
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