Juice Plus + Distributors Can Now Attract Dozens Of Distributors Into Their Juice Plus+ Downline

Released on: June 21, 2008, 12:41 pm

Press Release Author: Tony Bernard

Industry: Marketing

Press Release Summary: Attracting tons of success-driven people into a downline is
now possible for Juice Plus + distributors looking to succeed in their Juice Plus+

Press Release Body: Tired, frustrated, and failing Juice Plus+ distributors are sick
of wasting time on cold calling opportunity seeking leads, making lists of friends
and family, and wasting money on sharing samples with people who won\'t join their
Juice Plus business.

Now, failing Juice Plus + distributors can learn how to attract dozens of
success-driven people into their downline from the comfort of their home using
highly effective, proven marketing techniques, instead of hosting home parties,
pitching their business opportunity to family and friends, and wasting money on
passing out samples.

To learn how to attract more distributors into your Juice Plus+ business, visit:


For information on attracting more distributors into your Juice Plus + business,
visit http://www.AttractMoreDistributors.com


Web Site: http://www.AttractMoreDistributors.com

Contact Details: Tony Bernard

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