Pixelmetrix presents QoE Holy Grail of IPTV Webinar

Released on: June 3, 2008, 4:25 am

Press Release Author: Sharifah Ahmad

Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: Singapore, June 3, 2008 - Pixelmetrix, the global expert in
Preventive Monitoring for digital cable and IPTV networks, will co-sponsor the QoE:
Holy Grail of IPTV live webinar, scheduled on Tuesday, June 10 at 2.00 pm New York /
7.00 pm London.

Press Release Body: Danny Wilson, Pixelmetrix President & CEO, is one of the key
speakers at this webinar presented by Light Reading. His talking points will
include the challenges telcos must tackle with escalating global IPTV subscription
figures, soaring revenues and the inevitable rising service expectations, key
success factors to capitalize on and techniques to optimize QoE.

\"QoE includes the end-to-end system effects - client, terminal, network, service
infrastructure and so on. Keeping continuous visibility of end-to-end service
quality is essential to provide a robust and profitable television service,\" said
Danny Wilson.

According to Light Reading, telcos are putting money on the table with high hopes of
challenging the traditional TV providers. By delivering TV channels over an IP
network, telcos expect to have a more cost-effective business model that will also
result in increased revenues. But if they are to be successful, telcos will have to
provide IPTV services that, at a minimum, are as good as what subscribers have
become accustomed to. This is why IPTV vendors of all sorts are talking about
Quality of Experience, or QOE.

Join us at this live webinar! Sign up now:

Press Contact

Sharifah Ahmad
Marcom Manager
Pixelmetrix Corporation
+65 6547 4935

About Danny Wilson

Danny Wilson is the founder of Pixelmetrix Corporation, a Singapore-based company
that specializes in the design and production of management and telemetry systems
for digital broadcasters. The company's award-winning products are deployed globally
at numerous terrestrial, satellite, cable and IPTV operators.

He began his management career at Hewlett-Packard, Canada, as the Business Manager
of HP's Communication Measurement Division. He was responsible for the introduction
of the MPEGScope Transport Stream Analyzer and the world's first ATM/B-ISDN Test
System, which accelerated the development and deployment of ATM technology

He later went on with HP to Kobe, Japan, where he established and managed HP's Asia
Business Centre - leading the development of the world's first multi-port network
monitoring system, which was implemented throughout Japan, by NTT.

A frequent speaker at IPTV and television conferences in Europe, Asia and North
America, he currently serves as Editor for the Performance Monitoring/Quality of
Service workgroup of the ITU-T/IPTV-FG.

About Pixelmetrix Corporation

Pixelmetrix Corporation is the global expert in Preventive Monitoring for digital
cable and IPTV networks. The company provides equipment and network intelligence
systems to television broadcasters for the management and monitoring of quality of
service and quality of experience. Headquartered in Singapore, Pixelmetrix has
offices in the United States and Europe.

Pixelmetrix suite of quality assurance solutions are featured as the Emmy Award
winning DVStation, DVStation-Mini, DVStation-Remote, DVStation-Pod, DVStation-IP,
DVStor, DVStorIP-Gen, DVShift, DVProbe-C, DPI Auditor, EndGame, Electronic Couch
Potato, ECP Consolidator, VISUALmpeg and VISUALmpeg Qualify. These are trademarks
of Pixelmetrix Corporation.

Pixelmetrix clientele include CNN/Turner Networks, Viacom, Fox, CBS, ESPN, Disney,
Univision, Telefutura, USDTV, HBO, NHK, Japan Telecom, KPBS, NTL, Sky PerfecTV!
Japan, British Telecom, Canal+, Towercast, AT&T, Verizon, Telus, NTT and more.

Pixelmetrix has been conferred the Engineering & Technology Emmy Award 2007,
Broadcast Engineering publication Pick Hit Award 2005 and 2008, TV Technology
publication STAR Awards (Superior Technology Award Recipient) 2000, 2004 and 2007,
BIRTV Product of the Year Award 2006, Cable-Satellite/Mediacast Product of the Year
Awards 2003 and 2004, as well as the Peter Wayne Award 2000, for Best Design and

For more information about Pixelmetrix, visit www.pixelmetrix.com or email queries
to info@pixelmetrix.com.

Web Site: http://www.pixelmetrix.com

Contact Details: Sharifah Ahmad
Marcom Manager
Pixelmetrix Corporation
+65 6547 4935

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