Power Baseball The Natural Alternative To Steroids

Released on: June 4, 2008, 9:18 am

Press Release Author: ET Training Systems

Industry: Retail

Press Release Summary: Welcome to ET Training Systems, home of the dForce Trainer
training aids. Our products are use for developing high performance sports-specific

... We transform the ordinary athlete into the extraordinary athlete,

... the extraordinary athlete into the elite athlete and

... the elite athlete into the best they can be.

Press Release Body: The dForce Trainer Power Batting System is absolutely the
fastest and most effective way to significantly improve your bat speed, batting
posture, range-of-motion, flexibility, rotational power, rhythm, timing, tempo,
control, balance, power, strength, quickness and agility for your batting swing
mechanic. In just 15 to 30 minutes a day, three to four times a week you will
absolutely blast the ball.

Batting Advantages: Increase your batting speed, Maximize your batting power, Hit
the ball harder and farther, Gain better bat control, Read the pitch longer, Get
around on fastballs, Have greater confidence at the plate

The Pitching & Throwing System is design to build sport specific fast twitch muscle
fibers for dynamic body rotation and arm strength for your pitching and throwing

Pitching & Throwing Advantages: Increase your arm speed, Maximize your pitching &
throwing power, Pitch & Throw the ball faster, harder and farther, Gain better
pitching & throwing control and accuracy, Have greater confidence on the mound

Our Core Training Program develops a mechanically sounded, stronger, dynamically
flexible and quicker core -which leads to great rotational power, upper & lower body
coordination, timing, tempo and rhythm.

Core Advantages: Increase your rotational speed, Maximize your rotational power,
Gain greater athleticism, Improve your linear and multi-linear directional agility,
Gain greater balance, body control, and coordination

Our program is appropriate for any level of athletic experience because of the
nature of resistance training: Beginner, Youth, High school, College, Professional,
Male and female athletes.

For a complete demonstration, go to our web-site: http://ettrainingsystems.com.

Web Site: http://ettrainingsystems.com

Contact Details: ET Training Systems
P.O. Box 1924
Royal Oak, Michigan 48068

Phone: 248 747 3336
Email: ettrainingsystems@yahoo.com

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