RapideL-i now enables complete design flexibility for eLearning Developers

Released on: June 16, 2008, 1:53 am

Press Release Author: Brainvisa

Industry: Human Resources

Press Release Summary: RapideL-i, the internet-based rapid e-learning tool innovated
by Brainvisa has recently added a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) template
for complete design flexibility.

Press Release Body: A common challenge faced by most eLearning developers with rapid
eLearning tools is that of having no control over the look and feel of the output of
the course. Templates, though created for Instructionally Sound courses, sometimes
fall short of meeting the design and formatting needs of developers. Moreover, not
all tools support inclusion of the vast types of media formats available.

In the constant attempt to overcome challenges faced by developers, Brainvisa has
recently innovated the WYSIWYG template within the rapid eLearning tool, RapideL-i.
Now, apart from the 100 templates provided to create instructionally rich
courseware, this one blank template allows users to design the page the way they
like, format it as required and add any media type within that course page.

Using the WYSIWYG template, users don't have to imagine or visualize the look of the
output, instead one can see it building up in front of their eyes. This means
precise control over positioning of elements on the page. Moreover, one can easily
add media (animations, videos etc) or insert images, tables, lists, hyperlinks etc.
with just a few clicks. One can also create multi-lingual courses as this template
supports a vast range of languages. In essence, the WYSIWYG template makes it very
simple to create a course page without digging through the intricacies of HTML. No
prior programming knowledge required - and there is no need to know what the HTML
code looks like.

Apart from the ability to create Flash and HTML courses with RapideL-i, some other
interesting features which will soon be added include the MS PowerPoint to Flash
converter and MS Excel porting to create large volumes of courses offline, in a
short time span.

RapideL-i is an internet-based, rapid eLearning content authoring platform which
allows a server based collaborative development at anytime, from anywhere. Multiple
users can now log on together and work simultaneously to create engaging eLearning
at the speed of business. The courses created can be easily published with SCORM
compliance, ready to deploy on an LMS. The new version delivers an intuitive end
user-experience coupled with a global support plan.

To view this new template, please visit http://www.rapideli.com

To register for a free trial of RapideL-i, please visit http://www.rapidel.com

About Brainvisa (An Indecomm Global Services Company):

Based out of US, UK, Australia and India, Brainvisa is one of the fastest growing
learning solutions companies. Incorporated in 2000, Brainvisa has been consistently
growing and today it is a 450+ people company with two state-of-the-art development
centers in India. Brainvisa offers end-to-end blended learning solutions which
includes Consulting & Training Needs Analysis, Design and Development, Deployment
and Maintenance. Brainvisa has helped Fortune 1000 clients to achieve competitive
advantage through increased sales, improved productivity, reduced time to market,
improved employee retention and reduced training time. Brainvisa\'s team consists of
professionals in the fields of learning consulting, HR consulting, instructional
design, graphic design, and multimedia programming. This well honed team has
developed over 15000 hours of eLearning, over 3000 hours of ILT and over 300
calendar days of blended learning for the clientele spread across US, Europe, and
the Asia Pacific region. Brainvisa\'s Technology solutions helps their clients
centrally manage the Human Capital performance, track current competency levels,
gaps thereby reduce gaps and enhance productivity. The company has to its credit,
accolades won from Brandon Hall for its solutions. Kineo, a UK based eLearning
consultancy and research firm recently evaluated Brainvisa\'s RapideL as a part of
their latest research on rapid eLearning tools. The review is available at

Web Site: http://www.rapidel.com

Contact Details: Email us at sales.rapidel@brainvisa.com

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