Streaming Tank, Creating Video Solutions for NSandI

Released on: June 30, 2008, 3:00 am

Press Release Author: Streaming Tank

Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: Video emails have emerged as a powerful way to convey a
message to a large number of people. Streaming Tank have developed innovative ways
of making this happen

Press Release Body: Video email is being utilised worldwide and Streaming Tank are
at the forefront of this exciting new technology. With email being an exceptionally
cost effective method of reaching out to your marketplace, imagine how adding video
would make it even better!

National Savings and Investments (NS&I) did exactly that when they asked Streaming
Tank to produce a video that they would be able to utilise in their emails. Of
course, Streaming Tank stepped up to the plate, as video emailing is just one of
their specialities.

James Wilkinson, Director of Streaming Tank said;

"Conveying your message to a large audience can be difficult and emails make this
easy. A video email however, helps grab their attention making them more likely to
sit up and take notice."

Video emails can increase the chances of the recipients responding to the email
making it both an effective and powerful tool. This coupled with the excellent
streaming technology and experience on offer is just some of the compelling reasons
that companies such as NS&I are employing the services of Streaming Tank.

In addition, people are becoming more security conscious and use email clients that
automatically block certain aspects of an email. This often includes video footage
so fresh and innovative solutions to combat this are often the order of the day.
Streaming Tank have of course, perfected the art of making this happen.

James Wilkinson further stated;

"With Internet security being a hot topic, we had to come up with a solution to stop
customer's video footage being blocked. Our team is continually thinking of ways to
ensure that any video emails sent, are seen by the recipients."

Since video emails have become such a fantastic way of delivering a message to large
numbers it is perhaps little wonder that so many companies are starting to use this
medium. To find out more details about video email and other types of streaming and
video, visit

Web Site:

Contact Details: Streaming Tank,Holborn Studios, 49/50 Eagle Wharf Road
Email ID -

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