The Internet has gone 2 - Business is booming

Released on: June 25, 2008, 7:36 am

Press Release Author: Kevin McEachern

Industry: Management

Press Release Summary: No where before on the internet has a business added the
personal touch like cruise to cash giving you one-on-one training

Press Release Body: Are you ready to become an Entrepreneur and pursue a life
changing income? Kevin McEachern is leading an amazing team to Success at with cruise to cash.

This knowledge Kevin McEachern will give you to position yourself as a leader at we will do 98% of the work for you. "Cruise to Cash has given
me the opportunity to genuinely help people and time to enjoy my life," said Kevin
McEachern "I also know that helping others get what they want, truly is the key to
unbelievable success."

Published reviews detail the elements that make the Cruise to Cash system a \"first
of its kind.\" In one of the articles written about it, the author says, \"This never
seen before Cruise to Cash system is allowing average, everyday folks without any
experience in online marketing to earn $3,000 - $5,000 weekly and some people daily!
Further, Cruise to Cash is an awesome residual income builder.\"

People have used the cruise to cash program to also enhance there existing business
by giving away vacations. and Cruise to Cash you will have
access and the ability to send people on vacation. "I started the business made
money, and went on vacation in my first month" said Kevin McEachern.

There really is no limit to the use of these vouchers for business builders,
individual travelers, and small businesses needing promotional material. Cruise to
Cash you have access anytime to top resort destinations; including highly sought
after timeshare resort properties worldwide -with NO timeshare presentations, and NO
black out dates or restricted weeks! is great for the boomers
and movers that want to travel and not pay outrages prices while also earning

The first rule to any home business opportunity is that you MUST have something of
VALUE for your customers. In order to build a Real business that moves forward with
fast momentum year after year, you need a legitimate, stand-alone product that is
not just selling "air" said Kevin McEachern

A highlight of Cruise to Cash is its Test Cruise feature, where a prospective member
is given FREE access to its back office for 7 days that enables him to see the full
power of the complete system, teaches you personal web 2.0 strategies and marketing
techniques that complement what the company provides and show you how to maximize it
all with your own creative ability! This exciting feature of Cruise to Cash is its
98% Automated marketing system, which consists of a sizzling hot marketing movie and
website, lead capture pages, and a system that closes sales for the member 24/7.
According to Kevin McEachern, many people have been earning $477 or $977 payments in
as little as 24-48 hours. Those who have never previously made money online have
profited in their first sale with Cruise to Cash see for yourself at for free.

Remember, I'm not talking about getting rich overnight. This will take time and
effort; but will show you the Right way, so you cannot fail.
"Cruise to Cash is helping real people create wealth and freedom while providing
exceptional value in travel" said Kevin McEachern. You can make money and make
memories for yourself and others at the same time with

Cruise to cash is genuine, said Kevin. Finally an opportunity for celebration and
fun! With the technology and support you need without spending a fortune and no
large ongoing Fees.

See for yourself at our site
Or Call me Directly at 704-241-9100

Web Site:

Contact Details: 704-241-9100

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