VidCrop PRO

Released on: June 26, 2008, 4:00 am

Press Release Author: GeoVid

Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: Video Cropper for most popular video formats

Press Release Body: VidCrop PRO is a complete video cropper for various digital
video formats. User can remove useless frames and also parts of the frames by
cropping it, which gives a zoomed in, cramped image with much important video
information. By using VidCrop PRO you can simply edit your video files by zooming it
as far as your resolution will let you and use edited and more informative video
file for yourself on your website, blog or just play it on your computer. VidCrop
PRO is very handy because it has a video preview for rangebar and a frame preview
for cropping. Rangebar will let you to choose the video from the first frame to the
final. So you can cut off any frames you want from the begining and from the final
part. So you will be sure how the video will look like after cutting. Also there is
a preview for cropping. You will see Crop frame in preview box and you will see
which parts from each side you want to crop. VidCrop PRO supports most popular video
formats *.AVI, *.WMV, *.MPEG, *.MOV, *.3GP, *.MP4. Result movie file would be avi,
wmv, mpeg1, mpeg2, 3gp, mp4 and it will be controlled with width, height, frames per
second and other codec properties. So you choose a video file, such as your
favourite movie, music video, cartoon or any video you have, choose a part for
cropping in the video preview and manage range bar for time limits and click Start.
After converting you will got an avi or wmv video with pixelsize that is set.

Web Site:

Contact Details: Address: 206 N. Washinton St, Alexandria
United States of America

Phone Number: 8367036

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