Asia Sign Association believes Sign Asia Expo `08 will attract local and international investors to Thailand, adding value to the whole Thai signage industry

Released on: July 16, 2008, 8:33 pm

Press Release Author: Sutthipon / Get Friends

Industry: Aerospace

Press Release Summary: Asia Sign Association shows its potential to draw the
attention of Thai and international entrepreneurs to Sign Asia Expo '08. This mega
event will be a perfect platform for job creation, income generation and new
marketing expansion for entrepreneurs. Besides inviting USA Sign Association to give
useful knowledge and exchange business information with Thai proprietors, Sign Asia
Expo '08 will also boost the expansion of the whole signage industry whereas
industry money for out-of-home media, transit & transportation media and department
store media during this year's first four months boosts by 5.5% to 2,037 million
Baht over the same period last year.

Press Release Body: Mr. Vinai Silapasiliporn, Chairman of Asia Sign Association,
discloses that Sign Asia Expo '08, that will be staged between September 25 and 28,
2008, will play a significant role in offering network opportunities among domestic
and international entrepreneurs. In addition, the association has invited
businesspersons from the USA to attend the event as well as to visit signage
manufacturers' factories in Thailand under the project named "Study Mission". This
project is aimed at offering a rich exchange of knowledge and technology for better
business opportunities for USA investors, the association's members and Thai

Sign Asia Expo '08 will help build cooperation in multilevel level in the region by
means of enhancing similarities and reducing differences with the hope of creating
the future of relationship and collaboration under the theme "Diversity &
Conclusion", plus a mutual trading format based on friendship that both parties will
receive worthiness and fair benefits. It also works as a cooperation meeting among
its members with approximately 50-60 members expected to attend the meeting.

"Our previous Sign Asia Expo clearly shows that Thailand is not as big as China,
Europe or America, but our full-scale details have proven that our Sign Asia Expo is
a top-quality event that immensely benefits product exhibitors, participants,
producers, those related, designers and product & service owners", says Mr.Vinai.

In addition to the network coordination between entrepreneurs and businessperson -
both domestic and international, other interesting activities will be held,
including technology seminar, media trend & knowledge seminar, activities between
suppliers and consumers, activities held by professional organizations and
proprietors, product presentations, developments of creative ideas for building real
added value and business value. This year's highlight will be a special seminar on
signage business by international lecturers with the hope that Thai entrepreneurs
will know and understand the possibility of signage business in other counties and
the future trends.

By participating in this event, entrepreneurs will enjoy new business opportunities
that are the results of the event's business network that works as a contributing
factor towards business growth, employment expansion, technology-knowledge
enhancement and new learning that will improve the Thai signage industry and its
work, hence increasing strong revenue growth and profit performance.

Mr. Vinai adds that the whole signage industry of Thailand in terms of quality of
work is second to none. Not an artful producer of machines, raw materials or
production equipments, but in the eyes of foreigners worldwide, Thailand is strong
in producing converter tools and can use technology effectively whereas Thai people
are extremely skillful in designing, building value-added products that are widely
recognized by customers throughout the globe. Therefore, Thailand is a country
capable of trading and developing communications that are not inferior to other
countries, enabling to build trust, acceptance and honesty that particularly impress
business partners the world over.

The whole value of Thailand's signage industry (including out-of-home media,
transit & transportation media and department store media) in 2006 is approximately
5,948 million Baht, and 6,000 million Baht in 2007, increased by 1 %, whereas 2007
(Jan-Apr) generates a total of 1,929 million Baht and 2,037 million Baht in 2008
(Jan-Apr), increased by 5.5%. The value of Thailand's out-of-home media, when
compared to other 12 countries in the Asia Pacific region, is 3 times less than
that of Australia (totaling USD 346,350,000), 2.4 times less than that of Hong Kong
(totaling USD 242,231,000) and 2.4 times less than that of India (totaling USD
247,563,000), but Thailand has higher value than New Zealand, Taiwan, Malaysia and

Sign Asia Expo '08, simultaneously conducted with Media Asia Expo '08, will be
staged from September 25-28, 2008, 08.00-20.00 hrs. at Hall 2-3, Impact, Muang
Thong Thani. For further details regarding these two mega events, please visit and

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