Financial Journalism News Chris Carey Draws Further Criticism

Released on: July 31, 2008, 8:52 am

Press Release Author: Carey On Carey

Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: The Beleaguered Chris Carey\'s Peers Continue To Cast Aspersions on the Professional Integrity of Sharesleuth.Com

Press Release Body: Chris Carey\'s has incurred the wrath of several highly-respected financial journalists since its inception over its cynically benign mission to present evidence of corrupt, illegal, irregular or underhand dealings within corporations ostensibly to benefit the investor-at-large.

Much of the criticism leveled at Chris Carey centers on whether he will eschew an expose on a prolifically nefarious company whose shares are not publicly traded in favor of one pertaining to a less reprehensible company whose shares can be successfully shorted for profit even if investors in both companies stand to suffer losses?

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Houston, TX

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