Firepow Blogging Software


Released on: July 10, 2008, 6:14 pm

Press Release Author: Larry Christopher

Industry: Marketing

Press Release Summary: Firepow is a new blogging platform that allows individuals and businesses to automate a wide array of tasks, allowing blogs to be more quickly set up and monetized.

Press Release Body: Firepow is based on the Wordpress platform, and allows a user to install a fully customized and functioning wordpress blog with a few clicks of the mouse. The best 50 or so plugins from around the web have been programmed into the software, so as to be automatically installed when users create their blog.

Firepow also has innovative features that automate the often arduous process of content-generation, allowing users to pull articles. RSS feeds and even YouTube videos from anywhere on the internet.

Andrew Hansen, the creator of this recently released software, had the goal of automating the blogging process as much as possible, and making it more accessible to inexperienced users, though the many unique features have also piqued the interest of many successful and experienced bloggers and internet marketers.

Web Site:

Contact Details: PO Box 652
New Paltz, NY
(845) 417-3846



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