Love and Life from the `Me Decade`

Released on: July 1, 2008, 1:46 am

Press Release Author: HFC International

Industry: Non Profit

Press Release Summary: Five young men, in the 70's, began five new streams of
Christianity that have now become internationally influential.

Press Release Body: In what Tom Wolfe labelled "The ME Decade" - the 1970's -
London experienced some of the greatest changes and challenges of both culture and
style. These years followed on the heels of the "Swinging Sixties" and the invasion
of four "mop topped" troubadours via Liverpool who introduced a new style of music
and a quest for non-traditional religious expression and fulfilment. Five young men
in the 70's and 80's also changed the religious climate, not only of London, but the
entire U.K. Disillusioned with traditional British church life they, eventually,
started what became known as the "New Churches" in Britain. Those five fellowships
became five streams of Christianity, the influence of which is still being felt
worldwide, over thirty years later. Those five were: Terry Virgo, who founded what
is now known as New Frontiers Churches, Colin Urquhart, founder of Kingdom Faith
Ministries and Churches, Roger Forster, who founded the Ichthus churches, the late
Bryn Jones, founder of what is now know as Abundant Life Church in Bradford, England
and led by vibrant Pastor Paul Scanlon and Gerald Coates who founded the Pioneer
group of churches.

Harvest Fields Commissioning International and its film and TV production arm, OLI
Productions, recently caught up with the five to discover whether the groups have
now become part of the mainstream, like so many other breakaway movements, or
whether they are still stirring the "waters." What they discovered is that the five
distinct streams are still a great influence on British and international
Christianity today. In the case of Paul Scanlon he actually "reinvented" what his
church should be. Busing in the poor and needy he certainly shook his members out of
their comfort zone. Many left in protest but today the church numbers in the
thousands and they have "never looked back."

These five filmed interviews on DVD comprise a collection that is being called
"Streams in this Desert", part of a larger series of interviews called "Principles
of Leadership". They include New York Times best-selling author Joyce Meyers,
international evangelist and author Dr. Luis Palau, best-selling author Brother
Andrew ("God's Smuggler"), best-selling author Jackie Pullinger OBE ("Chasing the
Dragon"), The "Vicar of Baghdad" Canon Andrew White, from Cyprus, Canon and
evangelist J. John, Operation Mobilisation founder George Verwer, Youth with a
Mission's founder Loren Cunningham, Baroness Caroline Cox and the popular ALPHA
program's Nicky Gumbel.

Harvest Fields Commissioning International is a U.K. Registered Charity with the
purpose of assisting in raising up and encouraging churches and leaders in 41
countries and on all 5 continents for work in churches, charities and other
humanitarian assistance groups. Its websites are at: and

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