Quality Lead Generation Cost Resolved for 50 Million Internet Marketers


Released on: July 16, 2008, 12:07 pm

Press Release Author: Ronald Benson

Industry: Marketing

Press Release Summary: Global Launch Date is 18 August 2008 at 9 AM PST.

The Viral Prospector System is a generic fully automated global marketing website system that can be used by any network marketer in any company.

Press Release Body: The new system automatically generates quality free leads for any business, includes a virtual host to introduce prospects to a company’s site, a video presentation, state of the art lead capture pages or the ability for a company to create its own lead capture page. It also provides a back office which includes auto-responder messages, internet marketing tools, training and much more.

Most articles state that only 3-5% of prospects actually buy or invest in the company’s opportunity. The sales page of the Viral Prospector System assists any company by selling the prospect on why they need a home business and providing a link to the network marketers specific opportunity, and provide a revolutionary way to generate quality leads for free.

So how is it Free? When a network marketer of the Viral Prospector System has only 3 prospects become paying members, that network marketer gets their system free. Go to http://www.vipleadgeneration.com/ for more detailed information, a video and testimonials on why this system will work for any marketer.

Also, periodically, valuable industry related products are available for prospects to purchase. 50% of the revenue generated from those purchases will pay for more fresh high quality leads for the network marketer.

Another unique segment of the system is found in the auto-responder messages. Messages include quality industry related content vs. just pounding the prospect on why they should accept the product being offered by the specific company. This should provide a better foundation for building trust, and the prospect forming an image of the marketer as an expert. This relationship should increase the marketer’s opportunity for getting the prospect to join.

The Viral Prospecting System was developed by Priceless Possibilities, a company with an exceptional track record in the arena of Network Marketing.

Web Site: http://www.vipleadgeneration.com/

Contact Details: 632 Lincoln Circle
Shorewood, Il. 60404



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