Streaky goes Solo with the launch of StreakyMasteringcom

Released on: July 28, 2008, 2:01 am

Press Release Author: Streaky

Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: After the successful launch of the first major online mastering studio \'eMasters\'.
Streaky has moved on to his next challenge of running his own mastering service

Press Release Body: Mastering is one of the only growth areas of the studio market. There has been a massive shift from only industry insiders to any recording artist using mastering services as the acid test for their mixes. The introduction of online mastering services has blown the doors off this once \'Black art\'.

Mastering engineer Streaky is a pioneer in this area, being the first major studio to launch such a service; others followed and began to see their client lists exploding with talent from around the globe. Streaky is now taking this idea to the next level with the launch of his own

Streaky Mastering aims to take what can be a soulless experience due to lack of communication with the actual engineer. Making for somewhat hit and miss results.
Streaky Mastering is changing this by embracing the use of new WEB 2.0 components to allow video chat and instant messages among others to increase personalisation of the mastering experience.

Streaky says,

\"This is an exciting new direction for online mastering, I will now be able to get far greater power over the sound the artists are trying to achieve. It is vital that you listen to the people making the records to fully appreciate the sound they are trying to create. A lot of studios give these unattended tracks to the junior engineers to practise on, I wanted to create Streaky Mastering so the artist has no doubt it is me mastering their music. I will be able to video chat with them and they can download the music much quicker to their studios, so they get to listen instantly to the effect I\'ve had on there sound on speakers they know well.
As an ex-home producer myself, I understand that\'s it\'s difficult after you have spent weeks writing and tweaking, to be totally confident that the mix and especially the bottom end are in control and balanced. Artists will now directly discuss what they are trying to achieve, play me examples and give vital feedback. I can then bring out the best in the mix which is something very hard to achieve if you have been involved in the writing, recording and mix stages.\"

About Mastering Engineer - Streaky

With his vast experience of mastering some of Europe\'s top selling albums and singles, Streaky is regarded as one of the Leading Mastering Engineers in Europe. His client list spans many differing genres including artists as Groove Armada, Taio Cruz, Usher, and Depeche Mode the list goes on.

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