The majority of supplements for loading Online Video can not boast of having great amount of functions and give an opportunity only to save video on a CD

Released on: July 23, 2008, 9:19 am

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Press Release Body: The majority of supplements for loading Online Video can not boast of having great amount of functions and give an opportunity only to save video on a CD, and sometimes - convert video in a more suitable format. What about Axara YouTube Tools, it can be called an uncomplicated video editor, not a usual program for working with Online Video. Besides chances for loading various files, you can find here both a multilogic converter and tools for video editing.

Moreover, Axara YouTube Tools allows you to download not only from YouTube service, but also from GoogleVideo, Yahoo, AOL, MySpace, CollegeHumor and MetaCafe. The list of supported services is not finished by the mentioned names but includes practically all the famous sites.

The program has four main sections: Downloader, Profiler, Converter and Editor. The first gives a chance to manage the process of loading video files. In this part you can create a list of video files for loading, determine the order of their loading and choose a special folder where they will be kept.

It is very comfortable, that after adding a reference to the file, you can see the name of the file, its duration and size in megabytes in a special informational box. During and after the downloading of the file you can see it in a window of a player, and, if you wish, convert the file into another format. For this procedure you need to pick out one or some files and press the button Convert video file to another format.

Converter gives you an opportunity to convert video in various popular formats, but the list of them will differ depending on what device for reproduction of the video will be used by you. There are the following formats for PC - swf, rm, wmv, mov, avi and mpeg. Besides, you can transform video for watching it at home: for example, on your DVD-player, Sony PSP, iPod, portable media player or mobile phone.

For each device we can offer not only its own set of formats, but also ready profile of settings. It is very comfortable, because there is no need for you to think what parameters of a result video to choose. The description of the profiles is easy to understand: here you can see fundamental parameters of audio and video, and also to read about the quality will get from the received file: good, middle or low.

A user can change the profiles and add new ones. Especially for this purpose there is a part named Profiler. Here you can see a list of profiles; you can easily edit them, changing the name and description. A suitable profile can be immediately used by you to a current project, after that the program will automatically work in a section Converter.

It is necessary to mention, that in the section Profiler you do not have an opportunity look through the templates of the settings for all the devices - first of all you have to choose a suitable type of device in a part Converter, and then begin to work with Profiler.

It is clear, that for a person, who does not have much experience in a sphere of video converting, it is rather difficult to find an optimum correlation between the size of the video clip and its quality. That is why, in the section Converter one can get a chance of preview. In a built-in player it is easy to see what kind of video it will be after conversion with specified settings.

All the files are saved in a new format with their initial names, but, having a wish, all the names can be changed. It is worth saying, that with the help of Axara YouTube Tools a person can convert in the other formats not only the files loaded in a program, but also any other video in a f

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