These Guys are "Guilty" of Success!


Released on: July 8, 2008, 2:22 pm

Press Release Author: Guilty Customs, LLC

Industry: Automotive

Press Release Summary: “Half-Pint” is a stripped-down growling motorcycle made to suit the hardcore enthusiast not interested in anything overpriced, overweight or over-hyped customized choppers.

Press Release Body: So, don't bother comparing this Central Florida custom motorcycle shop with a traditional Harley Davidson, or for that matter to those two-wheeled elaborate masterpieces made famous by TV builders or those that bring their builds only to shows. Instead, Carl (Cj) Hanlon and his staff of 2 have taken the concept of custom motorcycles back 30 years.

"We see ourselves as the “hot-rod” builders of the industry. We take influences from the 60-70’s drag and street racing scene and combine that with the look of the bikes that were cool during that period and tweak them a bit with new technology and parts," said Hanlon, Owner of Guilty Customs. "We want bikes that look cool but keep that old vintage hot-rod look and are going to be ridden daily. So, you’ll not find “fluff” parts on our bikes." Aside from stock Harley Davidson Buell or Sportster engines or new S&S motors, the bikes are customized, built, machined and painted locally in Central Florida.

"Guilty Customs bikes (they have 5 models) consist solely of rigid frames, narrow rear wheels and tires, vintage leaf spring or girder front ends, aluminum MoonEyes oil bags and a lot of their own custom built parts. Those features make the bikes a lot more affordable, fun and easier to handle when compared to their competitors”, Hanlon said. "Those big bikes are mostly for looks," Hanlon said of traditional bikes such as Harley Davidson and similar long bulky choppers. "Our bikes are built to be on the road daily. Looks, while important, are second to functionality."

If you venture over to their shop in Winter Springs, FL what you will find on the shelves in this small shop is their own private labeled gas tanks and fenders, seat pans, battery and fuse boxes along with shocks, and frames all waiting for their next build.

Chopper TV Helped Guilty Customs
When the shop opened in 2005, Guilty was building only about 5-7 bikes per year. However that changed when shows like Jesse James Monster Garage, Biker Build Off, American Choppers and American V-Twin were growing increasingly popular on TV. Suddenly, the public was familiar with custom bikes and able to appreciate the hours spent to produce each one. "Whether (viewers) liked the people on the shows or not, those shows brought motorcycles and the lifestyle into homes around the world, The consumers are more educated now," Hanlon said. So far in 2008, the company has exceeded their bike build projections by over 150%.

While many custom bikes are beyond an average rider's price range, Guilty’s flagship, “Lucille”- starts at $24,000.00. Guilty’s other bikes include: Errant $19,995.00; Dais’d $23,000.00; La Primera Indian Bobber $27,000.00, and Half Pint $12,995.00.

Guilty bikes have NFL and Special Ops exposure
Two of Guilty Custom’s most rewarding builds have been for Green Bay Packers Lineman Daryn Colledge and Special Ops soldier Ash Spurlin. Daryn who took possession of “Lucille” last year, cruises local events in Green Bay, WI and takes Lucille to charity events to support his interest in helping children and families in need. Ash’s bike, “Errant” caught his attention with its 70’s dragster styled influences. Spurlin comments about his decision to have his next chopper built by Guilty Customs: “Since I had two bobber styled bikes that were similar in looks, I wanted something different, but dependable and affordable. One of my friends told me about Guilty Customs so I called and spoke with Cj. We talked for about an hour. I didn’t feel like it was a business call, which is when I knew 100 percent, this company was the kind of business I’d always heard my father and grandfather talk about. Not cookie cutter $65,000 choppers or assembly line bikes, but actual one-on-one discussions about my next bike.”

“That’s what we’re all about here at Guilty Customs. Customers that will ride and enjoy their bikes and don’t want to be like everyone else” say’s Hanlon.

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