UFO Abductee welcomes astronaut Ed Mitchell`s revelations

Released on: July 30, 2008, 6:21 pm

Press Release Author: Maria van Santen / TheHotStory PR

Industry: Aerospace

Press Release Summary: Author and UFO Abductee Miriam Delicado welcomes NASA Astronaut Ed Mitchell\'s recent announcement in which he acknowledged that he fully believes that alien exists. She retains conscious memories of her abduction and is spreading the aliens\' messages.

Press Release Body: (July30, 2008 - Vancouver, Canada) Author Miriam Delicado has no reason to doubt NASA astronaut Ed Mitchell\'s recent claims about the existence of alien life. After all, in 1988, she herself was led aboard a UFO walking hand in hand with the aliens.

During the ensuing three hours Miriam spent with Tall Blond humanoid aliens, the beings shared with her information regarding who they were as well as giving her warnings about our future as a planet.

All of Delicado\'s memories are conscious ones. Some years after her abduction, Delicado discovered that the messages the aliens had given her paralleled the Hopi Prophecies. She also realized that the language the aliens spoke to her in, telepathically, was Hopi.

Not certain what to do with the information she had received, Delicado did not speak publicly about her extra-ordinary experiences until 2003 when the beings, who had remained in contact with her told her \'Now is the time to come forward and share the information with the world\'.

Delicado decided that one way to do as the aliens requested was to detail her experiences in a book titled, Blue Star: Fulfilling Prophecy. The book recounts her 1988 abduction and follows through to her subsequent contact with the aliens. She has also spoken at various venues. When she speaks, people listen as hers is truly a fascinating story.

\"I was pleased to hear that Ed Mitchell had spoken so openly about his own views on aliens. On behalf of all alien contact persons, we are grateful for Ed Mitchell\'s courage to come forward.\" said Delicado. \"In correlation with the messages I am currently receiving, now is the time for all of those people like myself to come forward so the world can hear the messages from us all. This is what we have been waiting for. We are in a world of change and Ed Mitchell coming forward shows that we, as the human race, must come to the understanding that we are not alone, and it is not only our daily lives that are affected. It is the rest of the world as well as other worlds.\"

To learn more about Miriam and her extraordinary experiences visit her website: www.alienbluestar.com

For more information about the book, visit www.trafford.com

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