Adflyer classifieds join forces with BRMB radio

Released on: August 8, 2008, 3:40 am

Press Release Author: Ben O\'Brien

Industry: Advertising

Press Release Summary: Adflyer and BRMB radio have teamed up and launched a brand
new automotive website, BRMB Motors.

Press Release Body: Adflyer and BRMB radio have teamed up and launched a brand new
automotive website, BRMB Motors The two companies have created a localised, free
alternative to Auto Trader, specifically for people in the West Midlands.

The concept is simple: to buy and sell in your local area, hassle-free.

A spokesperson from adflyer said "Everyone involved with the project is very excited
and have high expectations. It will be great to give users the chance to buy and
sell local vehicles completely free. It's very exciting to be tying up both online
and on air promotion, which is something really unique in the market."

Vehicles can be advertised for a week completely free of charge, or users can pay a
small upgrade fee to upload pictures and keep their ad online until they have
secured a sale.

With so many cars in this country and soaring fuel costs, it does not make sense to
travel for miles to look at cars when local people can do business on their

With online advertising now leagues ahead in popularity of traditional newspaper
classifieds, BRMB Motors is set to become the first place local West Midlands people
come to advertise their vehicles.

So before paying to advertise in the local paper or heading up the motorway to find
your perfect car, visit - the local place to advertise!

For further details contact adflyer on 0121 386 1147 or email:

*BRMB Motors launched in July 2008

*, launched in September 2007, is a free classifieds website aimed at
both the general public and business users to promote sales within the UK.

*BRMB radio, a subsidiary of GCAP Media plc, is one of the biggest radio stations
outside of London.

*Online advertising grew from being the smallest market sector in 2003 to the third
largest in 2007. The upward momentum of the internet reflects a new era in marketing
communication and consumer behaviour, which has driven the creation of the adflyer

Web Site:

Contact Details: Adflyer Ltd
Somerset House
6070 Birmingham Business Park
B37 7BF

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