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Released on: August 22, 2008, 4:55 am

Press Release Author: Colleen Slater

Industry: Internet & Online

Press Release Summary: Colleen Slater, otherwise known as the 60 Minute Affiliate, has just launched her free one on one affiliate training, coaching and mentoring program to help anyone grow their internet wealth.

Press Release Body: Sydney, August 2008 - Colleen Slater, otherwise known as “The 60 Minute Affiliate” has just launched her free one on one affiliate training, coaching and mentoring program to help anyone grow their internet wealth.

Colleen explains, “Most people are aware that a lot of people are making money with adwords, or with a website as an affiliate or a reseller. However, the majority of people struggle with what to do, how to get started, what to promote and how to stay motivated. I hope to fill that void by taking people by the hand and showing them exactly what they need to do to grow their internet wealth and answer all their questions.”

“You have been MORE than understanding and patient with me as I have tried to figure out what I am going to do in my internet marketing career. You have been very prompt and kind in answering the emails that I have sent to you, even though you are half way around the world from me”, Mike, Portland

Why should you listen to Colleen and why is her reseller training and affiliate education so valuable?

For the simple reason that Colleen has been able to make money as an affiliate to the tune of $8000.00 per month (and growing) and has built this passive income up in just 18 short months.

What is perhaps quite remarkable is that Colleen has been able to achieve this while working full time and having a husband and three young children.

Colleen reveals, “I’ve expanded on simple affiliate and reseller methods that see results fast with as little effort as possible. My motto is Work Smarter, Not Harder. It really shouldn’t be that hard to create internet wealth and make money online.”

In fact, Colleen created a brand new blog this week and within 24 hours it was on page 1 of Google for the product she was promoting - something that most webmasters never see.

Colleen’s internet wealth mainly comes from promoting other people’s products (back to Colleen’s work smarter, not harder philosophy).

This results in no product for development and creation, no stock, no office, no customer support, no shipping - and no headaches.

The quickest way to create internet wealth is by becoming a reseller of other people’s products, whether it’s digital products on Clickbank or physical products.

To get started creating your own monthly income online and growing your internet wealth with Colleen’s help go to

Colleen will become your personal mentor and internet marketing coach giving you comprehensive webmaster, affiliate marketing and reseller training whenever you need it indefinitely.

“It is obvious in your writings that you actually do attempt to guide & teach people, rather than simply trying to make a quick buck like so many others out there.”

To get started growing your internet wealth go straight to

Web Site:

Contact Details: Colleen Slater
12 ascot avenue
wahroonga nsw 2076



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