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Released on: August 11, 2008, 10:45 pm

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Press Release Summary: A diaper bag or nappy bag is a storage bag with many
pocket-like spaces that is big enough to carry everything needed by someone taking
care of a baby while taking a typical short outing. A purse or handbag is often
fashionably designed, and is used to hold items such as wallet, keys, tissues,
makeup, a hairbrush, cellular device or personal digital assistant, feminine
products, or other items. Backpacks are often preferred to handbags for carrying
heavy loads, because of the limited capacity to carry heavy weights for long periods
of time in the hands.

Press Release Body: These bags are not always designed expressly as a diaper bag, as
any well-pocketed bag sized in between a child\'s school backpack and adult
pro-camping backpack can be used for the purpose. Some are now being made with rigid
handles and wheels so that someone can cart one around, allowing that person to hold
the baby more firmly, complete more tasks (like opening a door, paying a cashier, or
using a phone), and reduce lower back pain. My Child magazine suggests a brightly
colored diaper bag is harder to lose and can help combat the \"baby blues\".
Designs without bright colors or licensed characters can be high-fashion items
associated with celebrity mothers. Companies also produce diaper bags with a more
rugged look, as part of a growing sector of the baby-products market designed to
appeal to men.
You do not have to give up your sense of style and fashion just because you say
hello to motherhood. After having your baby, you can use your own style and fashion
ideas for you and your new baby.

The first thing you need to do is get the right kind of diaper bag, or baby bag. The
Coach Company offers several versions of the diaper bag, all providing space for the
necessities. Three of the versions available are the Optic Signature baby bag, the
Hamptons weekend multi-function tote, and the Hamptons weekend stripe multi-function
tote. The Hamptons weekend multi-function baby bag is sold in either tan or black.
For those who tend to get their bags dirty, the black is a better wearing color for

The Optic Signature baby bag is available in three color combinations. These include
silver/black, silver/blue and silver/pink. This baby bag is large enough to hold a
laptop. It has jacquard fabric and fabric lining as well as inside zip pockets and
five open pockets. This baby bag comes equip with a diaper changing pad which is oh
so convenient when duty calls!

Check out this new technology-friendly diaper bag! Depending on your style, the
Hamptons multi-function tote includes 24\" handles that allow it to be worn across
the body or on the shoulder. It has a special area to store your laptop plus
multi-function pockets including a place for your cell phone. The bag has two
outside open back pockets and a zip-top closure.

But there\'s more! There is a built in diaper changing pad and lots of pockets to
organize not only what you need to keep your baby clean, but also happy and busy.
The inside of the bag is lined with leather trimmed nylon to maintain an appealing
appearance. The silver/khaki color scheme fits with any new mom\'s style for herself
and her baby. Modern diaper bags have never been more stylish.

However, if your baby does not get better around four months of age you should
schedule a doctor\'s appointment because there could be some other digestive problem
present or something else that might be causing your baby pain and suffering. So,
make sure you schedule regular appointments with the pediatrician to ensure your
baby is happy and healthy.

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