Capture, Record, Broadcast and Remotely Monitor Desktop and Webcam!

Released on: August 12, 2008, 2:17 am

Press Release Author: PCWinSoft Systems Ltd

Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: PCWinSoft Systems Ltd has released 1AVCenter v. 1.8, a
powerful Windows application that does the work of an entire library of audio and
video applications.

Press Release Body: 1AVCenter is an all-in-one multimedia center that gives you the
power to capture and record high quality video and CD-quality audio from any
available source. You can save your files directly into JPG, AVI, WMV, WAV, MP3, or
WMA formats. While some programs limit your options, 1AVCenter lets you work with
broadcast streams, Internet media files, TV tuners, webcams, VCRs, microphones, CDs,
line-in and aux input, YouTube videos, Windows Media Player, external audio and
video devices, and any music or movie that appears in a browser window. You can
capture the entire screen, a window, any region of the screen, a webcam image, or an
image from any video device connected to the system, and turn it into a compressed
JPG image at any desired quality level and size. You can even do live surveillance,
live broadcasting, and media file emailing.

The program is designed to work with the highest quality audio and video files.
1AVCenter supports the full range of CODECs available on the PC, as well as the
industry-standard formats that are used to capture and record top-quality music and
movies. In addition to producing the highest quality multimedia files, the program
also supports Windows Media Encoder Technology (WMA and WMV files), enabling you to
produce small files designed for the Internet and for portable devices.

1AVCenter does much more than process multimedia files. You can set 1AVCenter to
view your desktop, and create a record of how your computer is being used by your
children or your employees. It\'s easy to view your desktop remotely, in real time,
or to capture the screens as a series of JPG images. If you need to explain to a
customer or a friend how to do something on their PC, you can simply show them. Set
1AVCenter to broadcast your desktop to your colleague, and use your voice, keyboard
and mouse to deliver the necessary instructions.

1AVCenter can be used for remote surveillance. Put a webcam in your infant\'s room,
and use 1AVCenter to check on their activities. Record your company\'s parking lot
during off hours, or watch people as they move through your company\'s lobby and
showroom. 1AVCenter can be activated when it detects motion from your webcam, or
sounds from your microphone. The program can use its built-in FTP function to upload
these images to your web site at regular intervals. All surveillance images can be
viewed remotely, using any Internet-connected web browser.

With its emphasis on security, 1AVCenter lets you share your audio, video, photo,
image, and document files with selected people. The built-in web server locks out
unauthorized people, and only lets you share your files with people to whom you have
given passwords. The same web server lets you move your movies and music to your web
site securely. You can personalize the web pages to your own taste, with complete
control over the site\'s colors, background images, and text.

Contact: Alex Ferri, +55 11-5077-3803,
# # #

Web Site:

Contact Details: Address: R Fonseca Da Costa 59, Sao Paulo

Phone Number: 55 1150773803

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