Eco-Friendly Interns Invade Ann Arbor - Ingenex Digital Marketing

Released on: August 14, 2008, 10:36 am

Press Release Author: Ingenex Digital Marketing

Industry: Marketing

Press Release Summary: The Eco-Friendly Digital Marketing Internship is a semester
long program designed to train interns in Digital Marketing. Coined "Eco-Friendly"
because of the minimal commuting, this internship was created to meet the growing
demand for digital savvy graduates.

Press Release Body: Ann Arbor, MI August 15, 2008- Most companies hiring interns
expect them to drive to the office every day. Ingenex Digital Marketing, located in
Ann Arbor, MI, has taken a new approach this summer. Instead of asking
cash-strapped students to spend their summer driving to work, Ingenex has set up a
new and eco-friendly internship that allows interns to work from home four days a

Ingenex Digital Marketing is a full-service interactive marketing company based in
Ann Arbor, Michigan. It is run by CEO, Derek Mehraban, a Michigan State advertising
graduate. The company provides services in Interactive and web, search engine
marketing, social media and much more. Its clients include West System,, and Inforum Michigan.

Ingenex eco-friendly interns are currently focusing on social media marketing,
search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click Google Adwords (ppc), digital
marketing strategy, and online public relations.

Meet the Inaugural Eco-Friendly Team:
Lia Homeister completed her sophomore year at Michigan State University. Homeister,
an advertising major, is learning digital skills that will help her become a better
media planner.

Grant Heitkamp, a recent graduate of Michigan State University's advertising
program, is becoming an expert in all aspects of Digital Marketing with plans to
implement these skills for future employers.

Kevin Conlon, also a recent graduate of MSU with a degree in Advertising, hopes his
digital marketing expertise will be valuable in an account management role with
future employers.

The Ingenex eco-friendly digital marketing internship is the first of its kind. The
growing demand for digital skills in corporate America is undeniable. Ingenex plans
to expand the program in Fall 2008, and offer digital marketing education to more
students at Michigan State University. To learn about the eco-friendly internship

Web Site:

Contact Details: Ingenex Digital Marketing
306 South Main Street, Suite LLA
Ann Arbor, Michigan

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