Enhancements to 123sync(tm) Now Available

Released on: August 29, 2008, 11:43 am

Press Release Author: SolutionMakers, Inc.

Industry: Accounting

Press Release Summary: 123sync Standard Edition Version 1.1 Adds Products, Employee
and Time Tracking Features

Press Release Body: SEATTLE, WA - September 1, 2008 - Accounting integration
experts, SolutionMakers, Inc., are pleased to announce the release of the first
enhancement to their QuickBooks accounting integration tool, 123sync Standard
Edition. The FileMaker-based application was initially launched at the FileMaker
Developer Convention in Phoenix last July and features the ability to integrate a
majority of QuickBooks modules with FileMaker, SQL, MySQL and Oracle based business
solutions "in as little as an hour". The list of supported QuickBooks modules now
gets a boost with the release of 123sync version 1.1. In addition to the initial
set of features which included the ability to interact with vendor, job and customer
data for example, users now have access to products, employee and time tracking data
as well. For a complete listing of features in this release, please visit the
SolutionMakers' website at

One example of the changes users can now take advantage of can be seen with the post
of an invoice to QuickBooks. 123sync will now update the QuickBooks inventory
figure as sales-based inventory changes are made. For example, if Mike's Bikes
stocks 10 sets of peddles and a customer purchases one, once the transaction is
recorded in Mike's system (typically an automated process at checkout) 123sync will
be ready to sync with QuickBooks to subtract one from the total. The 10 displayed
in QuickBooks will now read nine.

123sync users who upgrade to version 1.1 will also be able to extract employee
records from QuickBooks and add new ones as well. Should Mike wish to add Sally the
Sales Clerk to his payroll, he simply enters her details into his business solution
and, once synchronized with 123sync, QuickBooks will now be ready to issue Sally a

Quite often, paychecks are driven by time worked. SolutionMakers has now added time
tracking in version 1.1 as well. Should Sally log an eight hour shift, at the end
of the day when Mike syncs his business solution with QuickBooks using 123sync,
Sally's time will be reported. In addition, should he
later learn that Sam, the Sales Clerk, accidentally logged his time under Sally's
account, he can simply delete those hours and, upon syncing with QuickBooks, those
eight hours worked will be removed and not be accounted for on Sally's paycheck.
Logging hours against jobs will also update the Job Cost features in QuickBooks.

With version 1.0 of 123sync, SolutionMakers introduced itself as a knowledgeable
resource in the accounting software development community. With version 1.1,
SolutionMakers takes the first step towards offering an entire suite of robust
accounting integration tools that accommodate a multitude of account software
packages. In the short term, look for SolutionMakers to release the 123sync for
QuickBooks Enhanced Edition later this fall.

Web Site: http://www.solutionmakers.com

Contact Details: Additional information: Jody Bossert - Marketing and Project
Coordinator, 1-800-237-3975 x103, jodybossert@solutionmakers.com, or visit our web
site at http://www.SolutionMakers.com.

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