Grant Money Saves Small Businesses

Released on: August 25, 2008, 12:46 am

Press Release Author: Grant Team

Industry: Marketing

Press Release Summary: Billions of free grant dollars finance new businesses and
expand existing ones creating jobs and saving lives.

Press Release Body: Las Vegas, Nevada ( ExpressPressRelease ) August 10, 2008 - For
so many Americans, small businesses are their livelihood. They work hard all their
lives to build a business that can support their families.

When hard financial times hit our nation, small businesses are the first to feel the
crunch. In today's economy many independent contractors are struggling to maintain
their lifestyles as they tighten the budget and eliminate some frivolous expenses.

Grant dollars can help with things as minor as paying a utility bill to major
expansions doubling an existing business, or financing a new venture from the ground
up. There are over $135 billion dollars in business grants, and low-interest loans
to help America's small businesses stay ahead by providing jobs and to foster the
American economy.

Many entrepreneurs have maintained and even increased their status through the
assistance of federal and private grant money. href=>USA Grant Team has helped
thousands of business stay afloat with their research and grant writing services.

"Our business had been struggling for years. Once we made the commitment to purchase
your package we have never looked back," Raves Raquel Williams, a grateful USA Grant
Team Customer. "Tons of valuable information on business assistance not only got us
on the right, track but has enabled our business to thrive in a way we never even

Jon Ford reaped superior results after putting href=>USA Grant Team to work for him. In
appreciation he wrote, "Thanks! Your grant team put me and my wife in a position to
expand our new business and take the steps we always wanted to without having to
seek private investors or family support. Your company has been fantastic and I\'m
recommending it to any business owner I meet!"

The experts at USA Grant Team write persuasive request and assist clients through
the entire process of finding a grant, ensuring qualification, properly completing
the application, writing effective grant proposals, and receiving funds.

Their knowledge and support can lend consolation to those who fret due to financial
hardships. The piece of mind that a customer feels when there is hope to save a
business is absolutely invaluable. The sanguinity people experience at the
possibility of creating a new source of income and pride is priceless.

To request the services of a grant research team or grant writer visit href=>

USA Grant Team
1500 E Tropicana Blvd #214
Las Vegas, NV 89119


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Contact Details: USA Grant Team
1500 E Tropicana Blvd #214
Las Vegas, NV 89119

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