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Released on: August 16, 2008, 12:13 pm

Press Release Author: Brian Trischetta

Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: When considering home business, we should all be careful not
to think or speak in ways that are mentally limiting. We all know good and well that
there are billions of people in this world. Some are coming online for the first
time, some are investigating home business for the first time, and some are looking
for a change from whatever programs they\'ve been involved with in the past. This
number doesn\'t dwindle or stay the same; it grows exponentially over time, because
the population of the world grows exponentially. When the population stops growing,
then worry about markets being saturated!

Press Release Body: Though I love the business I have with EDC Gold, I\'ve always
thought of it as a vehicle, a stepping-stone for the things I really want to do, and
the ventures I\'ve been planning for the last few years. This week, EDC Gold made
another dream come true for my family! My fiance and I have been planning a
business that we\'ll be operating here in our local area for some time now. Thanks to
EDC Gold, this week we were able to purchase the remainder of the equipment we\'ll
need to get started, officially launch our business\'s new website and go public here
in the community! Our new business will be fully launched by the end of this week!
We never would have had the time for planning, preparation, and meeting with local
professionals and construction of our websites and features, or the funds to
purchase the exact equipment we wanted as well as purchase office space here in
town! Now we\'re looking forward to expanding to larger coverage areas and offering
new services in early 2008! None of this would have been possible with us both
working jobs and living check to check. It probably would have taken us a year or
more to get this project started, and with wedding plans to finish who knows, maybe

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