Sheila Ingram-Beale Opens Professional Bookkeeping Business

Released on: August 27, 2008, 10:40 am

Press Release Author: Add It Up Bookkeeping Service

Industry: Accounting

Press Release Summary: Virginia Beach, VA -Sheila Ingram-Beale opens Add It Up
Bookkeeping Service ( a home-based Bookkeeping and Tax
Preparation business, which provides small businesses with bookkeeping, income tax
preparation, and administrative assistance.

Press Release Body: Some of the services provided by Add It Up Bookkeeping Service
( include: managing financial records such as accounts
payable, accounts receivable and payroll, income tax preparation, estimated income
tax payments, and administrative duties to include: business letters, data entry,
newsletters, and many other administrative services. The main focus for Add It Up
Bookkeeping Service ( is to help small businesses have better
financial standing and improve their returns. With Sheila Ingram-Beale's excellent
organization skills, close attention to detail, and analytical skills she will help
your business with better financial planning.

Sheila Ingram-Beale graduated from Tidewater Tech as a Certified Paralegal and will
be graduating from Ashworth College in the near future with an Associates Degree in
Accounting. Sheila Ingram-Beale holds a Certified Bookkeeper designation and is
also a member of the American Institute of Professional Bookkeepers.

Originally from Alabama, Sheila has lived in Virginia for the past twelve years.
Through her high school years Sheila Ingram-Beale found herself interested in Math
and English and that interest drew her to learning bookkeeping and establishing
excellent writing skills. When Sheila Ingram-Beale met her husband six years ago,
he was running a landscape business but he was not really taking care of the books
properly for his business. Sheila felt right at home and started mentoring him on
the knowledge that she had picked up over the years. It was a slow process but
eventually he took Sheila in as his Bookkeeper. One Man & A Truck Landscaping did a
360 and her husband began to see where his money was going and instead of spending
money frivolously he began to invest back into his business and she later showed him
how to pay himself and deposit the rest of his earnings, which only made for better
business sense.

After a couple of years of doing the bookkeeping for her husband's landscape
business Sheila Ingram-Beale started doing the bookkeeping for his relatives who
were also small business owners. Over time and via word-of-mouth Sheila obtained a
few more clients. Although Sheila Ingram-Beale was doing the bookkeeping and/or
taxes for One Man & A Truck Landscaping, Top Line Concrete, Beale Concrete, Home
Touch Cleaning and Big Tony Productions she realized that every year after doing all
of that work getting each business organized they would still have to get their
taxes prepared by income tax service providers only to be charged fees ranging from
$200 to $600. Feeling that was such a waste of time and money Sheila decided to go
to school to learn how to prepare income taxes. After completing Income Tax School,
She began working for one of the major income tax service chains. This chain
charged outrageous fees and had employees with very little experience. Sheila was
one of those employees but it did not take her long to realize how she needed to
learn more about income tax preparation to insure that small business owners
received the attention and care they needed when it came to their business. Sheila
Ingram-Beale decided to further her income tax knowledge and decided to open Add It
Up Bookkeeping Service (

When Sheila Ingram-Beale envisioned Add It Up Bookkeeping Service
( she thought about how she could help so many small business
owners who either do not know how do keep track of their business expenses, just
need a little help with organization, and those who were forced to go to the major
income tax chains to deal with inexperienced employees.

Leaving the income tax company and starting Add It Up Bookkeeping Service
( was the best thing that could have happened to Sheila and
the businesses that she currently assists as well as those that she plans on
assisting in the future. Sheila Ingram-Beale plans on establishing office space to
run Add It Up Bookkeeping Service ( but to keep her business
overhead low and to keep the costs that she passes on to her clients down Sheila has
decided to keep Add It Up Bookkeeping Service as a virtual/home office business for

Web Site:

Contact Details: Add It Up Bookkeeping Service
Bookkeeping, Income Tax Preparation, and Administrative Services Provided
Sheila Ingram-Beale
(757) 214-2539

Pick Up/Drop Off Services are available throughout the Hampton Roads areas of Virginia.

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