TCTA in Hurry to Guard Thai Cable TV Operators from Tree-Trade Market

Released on: August 25, 2008, 9:20 am

Press Release Author: Sutthipon / Get Friends

Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: Thailand Cable TV Association (TCTA) begins a new era for
Thailand's cable TV industry. It'll set up business plan to protect its 250 members
and support free-trade competition and massive business expansion after the new
Broadcasting Act's been enforced. It'll also encourage its members to inject more
contents into the market to stop violations of intellectual property rights. By
taking part in Media Asia Expo'08, it believes home subscribers will increase to 10
million in 5 years.

Press Release Body: Mr. Wichit Aurareevorakul, Vice President of Thailand Cable TV
Association, disclosed that after Thailand's new Radio and Television Broadcasting
Business Act of 2008 went into forced on March 4, 2008, there was a massive movement
in the cable TV industry, including local cable TV operators who had potential to
expand their business and investment, and Thai content producers. Accordingly, a
large number of new content producers would enter into the industry. Some of them
included Sahamongkolfilm, Life MV, Sun Movies, Media of Medias and GMM Grammy. Now,
there were around 60 content programs available in the market, which were expected
to 100 within next year. Furthermore, cable TV channels would be expected to
increase to 150 from 80 current ones.

The association's important missions that are now being undertaken include following
up the movements and cooperation, building the right understandings and providing
useful information regarding cable TV business operations to the government sector.
These will be a key to help draft supporting rules that must be in line with the
main Act. The association also takes responsibility for promoting content creations
to increase in the market so that its member will not violate other producers'
intellectual property rights.

"Most importantly, we will strengthen our members. We will work as the middle man
who not only controls the advantageous neatness and clearness of the signals
transmitted to cable TV members, but also overseas subscriber fees or service fees
that have to be fair to customers. We will also encourage our cable TV media to
create more regional contents, such as news or any movements that happens in local
areas. This aims to send communications from local to central. We believe that such
contents, besides being local operators' strong point, will also be a selling point
to customers who need useful information or want to see what is happening in their
local areas. In addition, they will play a key role in all PR and image developments
for small and medium enterprises or SMEs who have no power in purchasing free-TV

The association currently has a total of 250 member entrepreneurs, accounting for
approximately 500 service centers. It has a plan to help strengthen its members in
running business, supporting free trade competition and market penetration from
other countries that are likely to invest in Thailand in the next 2 years. In
addition, it is in a hurry to set up a seminar to build a better understanding of
mergers among its provincial members, which aims to reduce service providers into
1-2 operators in each province. Recently, there was a merger among operators in
Prachubkhirikhan and Petchburi provinces, reducing from 6 centers into 1. It also
has a plan to travel across the country to supply this information to all the
members in the South, North, Northeast and central region respectively.

Mr. Wichit added that the association would exhibit a booth at Media Asia Expo'08,
which would be held between September 25, and 28, 2008. Such booth would be used as
a communications channel to transmit information to those interested, including
government sector, advertising agencies, hotel business proprietors, real estate
firms and general public. In addition, a simulation in operating cable TV business
would be conducted, plus collecting a list of content service providers and details
of local cable services in each area throughout Thailand. The booth exhibition would
be tape-recorded to broadcast in local cable TVs nationwide so that viewers and
business entrepreneurs would witness the new cable TV image.

By participating in this event, the association has a purpose to build a better
understanding and new image of Thailand's cable TV business that has a good and
interesting aspect. It also expects cable TV household viewers throughout Thailand
will increase to 10 million from 2.5 million within a period of 5 years.

Media Asia Expo'08, staged in conjunction with Sign Asia Expo'08, will start
from September 25 to 28, 2008, 8.00 - 20.00 hrs. at Hall 2-3, Impact, Muang
Thong Thani, Bangkok, Thailand. For more information, please visit

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