The Harley Medical Group reveals Demand for Anti-Sweat Botox Triples


Released on: August 20, 2008, 12:33 pm

Press Release Author: Harley Medical Group

Industry: Healthcare

Press Release Summary: The Harley Medical Group has revealed that scorching temperatures on commuter-packed buses and trains UK wide are causing sweaty Brits to turn to Anti-Sweat Botox, dubbed Sweatox

Press Release Body: The Harley Medical Group, the UK’s largest cosmetic surgery provider, has revealed figures which show that demand for “Sweatox”, an anti-perspirant botox procedure, has tripled over the last three months rising to 31% of all Botox treatments since May 2008. Botox is the second most requested non-surgical procedure at The Harley Medical Group after Laser Hair Removal and its popularity has increased by 55% since the same time last year.

Dr Nicky Naylor, The Harley Medical Group’s specialist Botox doctor said:

“Whilst normal sweating regulates body temperature, excessive sweating can be chronically embarrassing. Sufferers can feel uncomfortable in social situations and start avoiding them. Caused by an overreaction by the sympathetic nervous system, hands, feet and armpits are the most affected due to the higher concentration of eecrine or sweat glands - for example there are approximately 500 glands per square centimetre in the palms of the hands. Botox treatments are one of the most affective, long lasting and minimally invasive treatments that puts a stop to excessive sweating.”

Many patients using this treatment were, until now, silent suffers of hyperhydrosis or excessive sweating which affects one in a hundred people. The condition can cause hands and feet to drip with sweat from the body’s two million sweat glands, causing extreme embarrassment and discomfort.

Used to prevent the embarrassment of slippery handshakes, underarm sweat patches and dripping brows, Botox injections freeze sweat glands, effectively stopping perspiration in the following areas:

- Palms of the hands
- Soles of the feet
- Under arms
- Chest

Dr Nicky Naylor, specialist Botox doctor for The Harley Medical Group added: “But it’s not just those with a severe problem. My patients include those whose nervousness when presenting gets them sweating severely in front of hundreds of people and shy men and women who break out in a sweat in nerve wracking social situations - first dates and when meeting new people. Many of my patients feel that not having to worry about getting uncomfortably sweaty, whilst travelling, at work and at parties, is a big boost to their confidence in both business and social situations, especially during summer.”

Sara Jones, hyperhidrosis sufferer and a patient at The Harley Medical Group, said, “Before I tried Botox, my body hands and feet felt clammy with sweat most of the time. Shaking hands with new people was a trial; I always had to explain to them about my sweaty hands. I found social situations daunting, but the Botox treatments have been incredibly effective. After experimenting with endless deodorants and diets, it’s great to find something that actually works.”

About Harley Medical Group:
The Harley Medical Group has been established for over 25 years and is one of the most highly regarded Cosmetic Surgery Groups operating in the UK. In 2004, The Harley Medical Group’s Chairman Mel Braham, at the request of the Department of Health became a member of the department’s Steering Committee, set up to oversee the introduction of new regulations covering the entire Cosmetic Surgery sector.

All of The Harley Medical Group’s clinics are registered with the Healthcare Commission. There are now 22 clinics (25 by the end of 2008) in the UK and Ireland: London (Harley Street, Wimbledon, The City, Chiswick, Finchley & Watford), Marlow, Birmingham, Leeds, Brighton, Bristol, Manchester, Newcastle, Chester, Nottingham, Northampton, Southampton, Cardiff, Chelmsford, Dublin and Belfast.

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