$1 Advertising Worth a Million Dollars

Released on: September 3, 2008, 9:14 pm

Press Release Author: Alex DaCosta

Industry: Advertising

Press Release Summary: Mlliondollartextlinks.com is one of the stalwart sites for
advertising ones company without spending much penny. It is a useful site for many
site owners, business people, entrepreneurs, shop owners and many more people. It provides advertising links about almost anything that you can think of.

Press Release Body: The Million Dollar Text Links, 3 September 2008; Jack of all trades, master of none is now becoming obsolete. Here is a new site launched by Million dollar text links which is completely refreshing, new, scintillating and is user-friendly for all groups of people, starting from average office-goers to high voltage corporate executives. This site is in fact a repository of information. Ask anything, you have the related links here and you get access to a sea of information and you can never ask for more.

When there is a need of information, it takes too much time to arrive at the desired topic. Million dollar text links completely eliminates the ambiguity by providing readymade links for almost anything the human mind can conceive. What more, it is also embodied with the brand new concept of link ads. Link ads as the name implies, are advertisements, endorsements, pertaining to the topic in question. They give the user an idea of the extent of application of the object they are looking for. It may be anything from a needle to any software application. Such is the versatility of the site!

This site is rightly named Million dollar text links. Apart from possessing a stunning amount of information, it also offers scope for new age trends like marketing and advertising. It is almost like having a cake and eating it too. Apart from the dynamic facilities it provides in viewing the information it also allows users to upload data. And this is where marketing and advertising come into play. When users want to upload information about a product they wish to popularize, all they have to do is to create a link with a related to the product name and load all details. All that remains is to popularize the site, which can be done by multi-various methods.

www.milliondollartextlinks.com allows all its users to post their text link ads in the site. It allows all kinds of text link ads but not images. All it takes is one dollar for every text link ad. It also allows the customer to customize their purchased links by making it to appear bold, italic, using different font designs and highlighting links with various colors. For every link there will be a space number given to the customers. If they ask for the already filled space number, then the ad will be moved to the available space number. Any customer can buy a permanent text link, but they will not 'own' any part of the Website. Each link will be permanent in its place for a period of ten years from its inception on 22/08/2008.

Million dollar text links actually proves to be a double advantage. First, it saves lot of time for people on the hunt for information and second, it is the cheapest form of advertisement for all the customers. As with all these ingenious ideas and revolutionary designs it will be the first movers who gain the most and bring home the big profits. Such dynamic, vivacious qualities make it a unique site which stands for everyones needs. For more information and to popularize your product visit www.milliondollartextlinks.com

The Million Dollar Text Links
725 River Rd 201A
Edgewater, NJ 07020
P: 201-266-0046
F: 201-840-7383
Email : support@milliondollartextlinks.com
Website : www.milliondollartextlinks.com

Web Site: http://www.milliondollartextlinks.com

Contact Details: The Million Dollar Text Links
725 River Rd 201A
Edgewater, NJ 07020
P: 201-266-0046
F: 201-840-7383
Website : http://www.milliondollartextlinks.com

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