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Released on: September 15, 2008, 3:12 am

Press Release Author: Timothy Tippett

Industry: Marketing

Press Release Summary: Efficient retail techniques will counter negative sales
education with practical expertise to increase sales and attract prospects.

Press Release Body: North Carolina ( ExpressPressRelease ) 1st September, 2008 –
Network Marketing Student
(http://networkmarketingstudent.com/index.php?category_id=1) offers a glimpse into
Ann Seig’s profound and controversial e-book “The Seven Great Lies of Network
Marketing.” This book unveils all of the secrets that Network Marketing companies
don’t want people to know and would love to see banned!

Ann’s materials break down each recruiting guarantee and dissect them to show how
they are empty promises to lure new members, but inevitably set them up for failure.
This is in the best interest of the companies because they influence a lot of people
to join their team, and buy their products. Those people each begin a system of
trying to lure others based on the same false pretenses. It’s free advertising.

Promises such as “it’s not sales, it’s sharing products” and “anyone can do this”
are explored in detail in Ms. Seig’s e-book. Companies want people to think that
it’s so easy to start this business and that they will enjoy every minute of
watching products sell themselves and guiding friends and family on their own path
to financial freedom.

When people enter these marketing businesses they expect to sit atop a pyramid and
everyone below them will force them into them higher and higher as they build teams
below. The truth is that like every business owner before, there is a considerable
amount of effort, time and money necessary to build a prospering establishment, and
there isn’t a company out there that will “build your business for you.”

Network Marketing Student
(http://networkmarketingstudent.com/index.php?category_id=3) shows people how to
work effectively to market their wares and their plans with real marketing skills.
The resources on this web site are comprised of effective marketing skills that
people who have experience in network marketing have compiled to spare others of
falling into marketing pitfalls.

The key to an effective marketing business is a good marketing plan. Even if you are
offering the best products in the world, and the most phenomenal business plan
available, if they aren’t being properly presented, then nobody will know about

Marketing companies want to recruit in massive volume, and they don’t want to scare
people off with words like “sales” and “building a business” but ultimately that is
the venture. The design is to sell products and earn profits as others sell them as
well. The more people that are involved, the higher the income is for everyone in
the pyramid.

There are huge profits to be made, but most systems are set up to benefit the
company and not the individuals that they’re being promoted to. The true success
comes with sales and marketing knowledge. Anyone who is looking for a get rich quick
scheme can keep looking. Those who are serious about becoming an entrepreneur can
visit Network Marketing Student.

To learn more about marketing and sales skills or to read Ann Seig’s “The Seven
Great Lies of Network Marketing” visit the Network Marketing Student.

Network Marketing Student
Timothy Tippett


Web Site: http://www.networkmarketingstudent.com

Contact Details: 208 MARK S ST
(252) 437-1022

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