Hair Treatments From Compton Hairs

Released on: September 1, 2008, 10:33 pm

Press Release Author: Jim Wilson

Industry: Advertising

Press Release Summary: Compton Hair Salon offers amazing treatments for your hairs
to make them beautiful, silky and shiny.

Press Release Body: Compton Hair salon has announced to offer you various treatments
to make your hair shiny and silky. If your hairs prone to slight dryness and you
want to restore your hairs natural beauty then you should come to Compton hairs
salon as they can provide you amazing express nourishing ritual which provide you a
nutritive boost, delivering nutrition to the root.
This Nourishing Fusion Ritual gives powerful and long-lasting nourishment and an
anti-dryness shield which counters the effect of the harsh external elements that
affect your hair.
Compton Hair salon also offers you reflection rituals treatment for coloured hairs.
Its idyllic for the women who just their hair had coloured in-salon and looking to
give their coloured hair extra boost in-between colouring sessions. After this
treatment your hair is left boosted with an even, long-lasting colour radiance and
really outstanding shine.

Another treatment offered by Compton Hair salon is strengthening rituals. With
recurring brushing, blow-drying and exposure to external aggressors, little by
little your hair becomes weaker, fragile and in need of some extra strength.

This Instant Ritual, uses products intended to support and reinforce hair that has
been weaken by over-processing i.e.; colour or forme, to leave it feeling strong and

Prior having a technical service, your hair needs to be arranged in order to
experience the treatment with optimum results. Injection de Force is the first
Krastase product which protects and reinforces the damaged fibre before and during
the technical service.

Other treatments that are used by Compton Hair Salon is clarifying ritual. Having an
greasy scalp is a hard situation to live with. The scalp feels crammed and
irritations can occur, leading to a feeling of uneasiness and the scalp\'s natural
balance is also get troubled.

Masquagil is the first purification and clarifying treatment for oily scalps,
formulated with light absorbent clays. Its accompanied by a scalp massage performed
by your Krastase Ambassador, this professional in-salon treatment combines
well-being with high technology.

Your scalp is continually renewing its cells just like your skin. These cells are
shed daily and at the same time new cells are being reborn. Changes arise when the
cells are producing too quickly which upsets the balance of the scalp and creates

The Experience Ritual is a greatly technical in-salon treatment, the gentle
exfoliating action of the Purifying Massage removes dead skin-cells from the scalp\'s
surface, leaving it feeling regenerated, moisturized and rejuvenated; your hair will
left detangled, soft and shiny. This treatment is the most effective care for the
health of your scalp.

So now Compton Hair salon can provide you these treatments that can give you a new

For more information about these hair treatments visit

Web Site:

Contact Details: London
Nontact No: 020 8969 7630

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