"Hot" granite being installed in stone restoration expert's home


Released on: September 4, 2008, 6:16 am

Press Release Author: Huligar

Industry: Construction

Press Release Summary: The NSRA pointed out that adding granite in a home does not make any significant difference in radon levels in the residence

Press Release Body: With all the news about dangerous levels of radon being emitted by some granite materials, why would a stone restoration professional install one in his home?

Due to the recent issue of granite producing high levels of radon emissions, Josveek Huligar, of The Natural Stone Restoration Alliance, (www.nsraweb.com) considered a plan to test for himself the effects and the results of radon emitting granite surface.

The over all feeling of the stone industry is that this marketing campaign against natural stone needs to be settled once and for all. Huligar will test his home for radon and radiation before the hot granite was install. Once the granite was installed, the home will be tested again; All testing will be done as described by the EPA. Mr. Huligar adds, "Some people that invested major amounts of money in granite counter tops found themselves ripping out the natural stone fueled by the fear of death lurking in their countertops. As of today, there is no proof that natural stone can kill you unless it falls on you."

The members of the Natural Stone Restoration Alliance (NSRA) released its own research information that not only looked at the past and present studies, but also focused on the marketing strategy that was being used by the manufacturers that were responsible for perpetuating the scare. In the paper the NSRA pointed out that adding granite in a home does not make any significant difference in radon levels in the residence; and for this Mr. Huligar is will to but his fate in the hands of the NSRA research group, seen that they are asking the rest of the public to do the same.

The first task was to find one of these alleged radiated slabs. Mr.Tim Scarlata of Atlantic Granite & Marble (www.atlanticgranite.com) a fabricator located in Rochester NY. Searched the country for a slab of granite that was considered "hot". Mr.Scarlata was able to locate a slab that was emitting higher than normal readings and condsider dangerous acording to the sinence that all of this started over in the first place. Atlantic Granite & Marble supply not only found the slab but is willing to fabricate and install the counter top, all on video for the public to view.

The NSRA plan was testing granite for radon as well as working with independent studies to come to a true conclusion of this issue. The plan ultimately became a bit more extensive. Along with a collaborative effort of AirChek (www.radon.com) - The Radon Information Center a leader in Radon testing and mitigation and Atlantic Granite & Marble, an event was in the making.

Not only is the granite going to be installed in a residence that was tested before hand for radon emissions and after the installation, the process will be on a webcam for the public to monitor. The webcam can monitored at (www.nsraweb.com).

Website: http://www.nsraweb.com

Josveek Huligar
93 Featherbed Lane
Bronx, NY 10452




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