Joint Venture Adviser Deals for Earnings

Released on: September 15, 2008, 2:38 am

Press Release Author: ginfop3

Industry: Management

Press Release Summary: If you follow the easy steps below you can quickly be on your
way to earning $500 per week or with a little more effort, $500 per day.

Press Release Body: If you follow the easy steps below you can quickly be on your
way to earning $500 per week or with a little more effort, $500 per day.

Identify your passion and hobby so that you will not only make money with your
brokering company, but enjoy working on it too! The first step in becoming a Joint
Venture Broker is finding sites to broker for. Now this may take a little digging
around at first but think of it this way, once you find a site to broker for you can
be profiting from it for months if not years to come. So an hour or so effort in
locating a cracking little site with a two tier affiliate program is a drop in the
ocean compared to the rewards you can be reaping.

What gets you really pumped up and excited? What subject would you love your
brokering business to be based around? You should be able to wake up and make that
short walk to your home office with that excited feeling at what the day holds for
you business wise.

Right, so I want to get your creative juices flowing with regards to your passion,
hobby and areas of skill. List your answers to the following questions.

Now I know you're perhaps saying to yourself that you don't have any specialist
knowledge. Don't worry, you most certainly do have some kind of knowledge or skill
that you can turn into a hugely profitable home based business.

You simply need to stop and think about your life experiences. Create a list of all
the jobs you've had. Do the same for all of the hobbies you've ever pursued, all the
volunteer work you've done and all the subjects you have an interest in.

Ask yourself these questions

Do you play any sports or are there any sports you'd like to know more about?

If you won the lottery what activities would you spend your money on?

What web sites do you visit when you're just surfing the web for fun?

Are you a member of any forums or newsgroups?

Take a look through your book collection, are there any specialist books you own?

Do you have any specialist education or have you ever taken a class in a specialist
subject like ceramic decoration for example?

Do you collect anything? If so what?

What television shows do you enjoy most? Are they in a specialist market?

Browse the magazine rack in your local bookstore.

Go to craft fairs and exhibitions and look out for these little niches you can

The reason I want you to start with a list of your passions and hobbies is because
by starting off brokering deals on a subject you love will enable you to be even
more motivated to get started. You can of course go after more lucrative markets
once you are convinced that you can make money with this.

Find specific markets you can broker for from your list of passions and hobbies.

Using ClickBank drill down into a niche market and find an idea for the types of
sites you want to broker for (If you haven't done so already in step one).

Affiliate directories find a web site with a two tier affiliate program that
matches the criteria I will outline shortly. There is absolutely nothing technical
about this system whatsoever. In fact, this is probably the hardest part of
becoming a Joint Venture Broker, and this couldn't be easier!

Remember we are looking for sites with two tier affiliate programmers. We also are
looking for sites that:

Pay at least $10 commission per second tier sale (the higher the better. I
certainly wouldn't go lower than $10 because it will be harder to broker deals and
also harder to make the serious cash this system offers).
Preferably provides the marketer with ready to go marketing materials like email
promotions, articles, adverts, banner ads etc.
Has a "cookie tracking system" for their affiliate program which means that even if
the marketers you try to broker deals with don't sign up on the day you contact
them, but sign up months later, you still get credited for any sales they make
months down the line.

Again using clickbank start building up a list of site domain names of clickbank
products in your market, saving the list of domain names in either Microsoft excel,
word, notepad, or anywhere where you can save them.

Go to your list of clickbank domain names and use the "Google: link" trick to find
web sites already promoting products in the niche market you are brokering for. Add
them to your list of site names. Now start contacting all of the site owners and try
brokering deals. All this takes is an email (and possibly follow up emails).

Using Google type in "(your niche market) ezine" to find tens of thousands of sites
in your niche market that have ready made email lists to promote to. Start going
through them and emailing them trying to broker deals and getting them to promote
the site you are brokering for. This trick in itself would take you months to broker
all the deals available, yet each and every deal could be worth hundreds if not
thousands of dollars to you.

Use the "Google: related" and "google: allintitle" tricks to find even more perfect
sites to contact and try and broker deals with.

Once you see how much you can make selling other peoples products, create your own
and go out in search of brokering deals for yourself!

Web Site:

Contact Details: ginfop3
sco 76, phase 11, Mohali punjab - 160065

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