Kimberly Ware Does it Again Urban Style!

Released on: September 21, 2008, 4:30 pm

Press Release Author: Kimberly Ware

Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: The Nia Trilogys Blazing New Book Trailer

Press Release Body: Decatur, GA (United States) Atlanta author, Kimberly Ware,
wrote a riveting novel series called The Nia Trilogy. With its urban style and deep
rooted message, it is a must read for young adults ages 15 and up. The Nia Trilogy
book trailer was edited and produced by Messenger Group, Inc. in association with
Silver*Ware T.V. The Nia Trilogys book trailer portrays a love story with an urban
flair to promote the upcoming release in paperback by Lulu on November 2008.

Within the two minute book trailer clip, The Nia Trilogy embarks the true essence of
Book # 1 The Age of Innocence. Author, Kimberly Wares says that, Co-writing the
script enabled me to write and capture the deep meaning of the story through visual
representation, dramatic music, and captions.

The Age of Innocence is filled with literary imagery on the delicate issues of
adolescent poverty. The story takes place in Bronx, New York. The main character,
Nia Yolanda Chavez, is biracial of African American and Puerto Rican descent. The
novel starts off during Nias adolescent years of growing up in James Monroe Housing
Projects in Soundview, Bronx. As a troubled teen, Nia has to deal with an unstable
crack addict mother and an abusive stepfather. Nia finds peace with her high
school sweet heart, Clay. The focal point in The Nia Trilogys book trailer is the
love between Nia and Clay.

Travis Ware of Silver*Ware Studios is working on the script adaption of the first
book of The Nia Trilogy , Age of Innocence into a screen play for a T.V. mini
series or movie. The book trailer is a timeless classic of whats to come with
Kimberly Wares, The Nia Trilogy book series.

About the Author:

Kimberly Ware is a Fiction and Non-fiction Writer. She is the author of The Nia
Trilogy, The Natalie Series, The Days of Madison Creek (upcoming teen book series),
Foreshadowers (upcoming Fantasy Series). She is also the author of Heal My Wings:
A Healing Guide for Women and Heal My Wings: A Healing Journal for Women.

Web Site:

Contact Details: Publicist: Messenger Group
Contact: Denise Swanson
Address: 1688 Cobbs Creek Lane, Decatur, GA 30032
Phone #: 404-781-197

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