MY Great GbR - Opening Up To the World

Released on: September 18, 2008, 12:33 pm

Press Release Author: Thorsten Scherff

Industry: Transportation & Logistics

Press Release Summary: My Great GbR expands the critically acclaimed Beta version of
same to give a complete visual delight. Interested in photo, photography and photo
communities; here is the site for you- It allows all its
users to upload pictures of their favorite spots.

Press Release Body: September 2008 - Do the pictures in fancy href=>travel magazines give a complete picture of a
place? The answer is no. The pictures just show us a feat of Natures brilliance in
design of our evergreen planet, or one of those wicked tall monuments of human
diligence. While the Eiffel tower may be a symbol of Paris and France on the whole,
does it tell anything about the city? No. Perhaps, this must have been the
inspiration behind this phenomenally successful idea to the people at href=>My Great GbR.

Anyone who knows to shoot digital photos and has a very modest internet connection
may find themselves at the centre of praise in one of the online href=>photo communities at href=> Thats all because My
Great GbR provides one of the easiest way to share our pictures with the people we
co inhabit within this world. Any uploader of photos need not have any special
applications to do so. All the photos are systematically placed in a spot-related
database based on the category of the photo, date it was taken on and so on. The href=>uploaded photos are given a decent 900 pixels
to preserve the clarity of the photo.

The uploader can also leave a personal
comment or description or recommendations as a footnote to a photo. Also My Great
GbR allows DO-FOLLOW external links for additional information and sponsoring. And
any registered user may vote a picture and may leave a message as feedback. With the
advanced searching options available the user can use view photos belonging to
varied categories or pin point onto a single href=>photo by using a combination of connecting

And so it happens that My Great GbR will be
the ultimate travel Guru by giving a far superior range of views of same location
than a larger than life photo on any glossy magazine cover. What more, the
additional information links accommodated in My Great GbR will provide a more
knowledgeable inside information to a traveler. And as the photos accumulate in the
database, the photos will become a track of evidence to the evolution of the city by
its comparative view of the changes in architecture, advances in construction and
housing. To top it all, the photos can be seen by choosing a continent category and
moving into smaller levels or the freestyle way by zooming to the href=>spot-related photo from the top of world view
in the map.

Thus, for an ultimate visual experience swirling through photos, href=>photography, community and sharing get
connected to the family-friendly, FREE, map based My Great GbR at href=>

MyGreat - Scherff und Stwe GbR,
Guetchen 7, D-42781 Haan,
Website :

Web Site:

Contact Details: MyGreat - Scherff und Stwe GbR,
Guetchen 7, D-42781 Haan,
Website :

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