Middle American Job Market Slumps in Spite of Rise in Exports; EmploymentCrossing Seeks to Restore Job Market Equilibrium

Released on: September 5, 2008, 12:46 am

Press Release Author: Mary Waldron

Industry: Marketing

Press Release Summary: Pasadena, CA Intermittent job losses continued across the
Midwest in August against flat business reports, according to a nine-state business
survey released by Creighton University. Though the survey indicated a rise in
exports, output, and sales, Ernie Goss, the professor who led the study, said that
\'\'the inflation gauge is still telegraphing excessive inflation in the pipeline.\'\'
The report further indicated that more and more employers are getting their work
done with fewer employees, putting the Midwest region\'s job market under further
strain. EmploymentCrossing, the leading job board in the US, seeks to find more and
more jobs in Mid-America and already boasts of an overall job count of more than
112,000 jobs in the US.

Press Release Body: \'Companies are really trying to cut down on costs involved in
operations and recruiting, owing to the malaise in the manufacturing sector. The
nine states which have been the subject of the survey are all suffering from a
deteriorating job market,\'\' says A. Harrison Barnes, the CEO and founder of

The nine-state survey referred to an overall index between 0 and 100. A figure
greater than 50 indicates an expanding economy over the next three to six months.
Arkansas registered a full-point decrease in its jobless rate compared to last
years report and a mediocre overall index, while Iowa reported less business
activity due to pullbacks in manufacturing and a poor overall index. Kansas
witnessed a surge in durable manufacturing which more than made up for the decline
in food processors, putting the index for the state at 56.8. Minnesota is expected
to stage a comeback later this year by more than two-tenths of a point in the
overall index, while Missouri reported the worst job losses in all the nine states
but is expected to make a recovery soon.

\'\'Most of the nine states are fighting to get their balance right, and
EmploymentCrossing is adding more and more jobs to aid in the economic development
of the states,\'\' Barnes adds.

Nebraska improved its overall index for the second month in a row, hitting 51.2 in
August, and is expected to achieve stability by the end of the year. North Dakota
hit the highest overall index in all of the nine states surveyed, 63.9, owing to
growth in the energy and agricultural sectors. Though Oklahoma slipped by 5.2 points
in the overall index, Oklahomas unemployment rate is lower than it was the year
before. Manufacturers in South Dakota, meanwhile, profited by selling their products
abroad, and hence the state experienced healthy business growth in August, according
to the report.

\'\'The nine-state group\'s inflation index hit a six-month low, and for the first time
in months, the costs of many commodities were down,\'\' says Barnes, referring to the
report. \'\'EmploymentCrossing is doing its best to boost the job count in all the
nine states, and has succeeded to a great extent.\'\'

The active job count available in the EmploymentCrossing database for Mid-America is
listed below:

* Arkansas: 4,334 jobs
* Iowa: 6,362 jobs
* Kansas: 7,963 jobs
* Minnesota: 14,719 jobs
* Missouri: 13,022 jobs
* Nebraska: 3,802 jobs
* North Dakota: 1,311 jobs
* Oklahoma: 7,181 jobs
* South Dakota: 1,354 jobs

Barnes adds further: \'\'Unlike other job-search and career sites, EmploymentCrossing
weeds out spam and jobs outside your niche, allowing you to search efficiently and
specifically. Trust the only job source that\'s tailored to your industry.\'\'

EmploymentCrossing concentrates on using a highly trained research staff of hundreds
and cutting-edge technology to track down the positions of every US employer.
EmploymentCrossing is an umbrella site for over 90 industry-specific websites and
more than 2 million job openings, and that number is set to receive a dramatic boost
in the coming days. For more details, log on to www.employmentcrossing.com.

Mary Waldron, Editorial Coordinator

About EmploymentCrossing

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Mary Waldron, Editorial Coordinator

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