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Released on: September 23, 2008, 4:02 am

Press Release Author: Velocity7

Industry: Environment

Press Release Summary: Rick Phelps, Executive Director of the nonprofit High Sierra Energy Foundation, from Mammoth Lakes, California is one of the facilitators at Sierra Solutions conference in Mammoth Lakes, California October 3-4, 2008.

The High Sierra Energy Foundation has been working on transitioning Mammoth Lakes from its dependency on propane as a primary home-heat to geothermal energy, obtained locally. Currently about 75% of Mammoth Lakes heat source comes from propane—going to local energy would radically effect not only the emissions from the production and burning of propane, but the impact of moving the fuel to Mammoth and then delivery to each home’s fuel tank—the trickle down of energy loss gets converted to energy saved when the movement is made to a local energy distribution network.

Press Release Body: The California Energy Commission approved a grant of $191,000 from the Geothermal Resource Development Account to the Town of Mammoth Lakes in 2006, which is now underway. “The grant facilitates developing a business model for a geothermal heating district in Mammoth Lakes,” stated Phelps. “Over the last 20 years there have been numerous technical studies confirming that there is hot water under Mammoth Lakes, but this is the first study that will generate a comprehensive business plan,” continued Phelps. “This project has the potential to become a model for local energy creation and distribution. Mammoth Lakes will be a showpiece for energy efficiency and responsible use of local resources.”

Dave Harvey, Board President of the High Sierra Energy Foundation pointed out “this CEC grant, combined with the recent Community Energy Partnership with Southern California Edison, puts the Foundation well on the way to fulfilling its mission of promoting and developing efficiency and renewables in the High Sierra.”

In fact, electric power production and transportation are the two largest sources of carbon emissions in the United States with California producing 47.24 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year. It qualifies as one of the biggest emitters in the United States.

Moving towards local economies and local energy sources is a powerful notion for saving energy, reducing carbon and building strong economies. Learn more about local energy generation, and other strategies for building resilient, sustainable communities in the Sierra—and how these practices apply to other regions by attending Sierra Solutions conference.

ABOUT THE CONFERENCE: SIERRA SOLUTIONS—Tools for Sustainable Communities, Economies and the Environment
October 3-4, 2008
Mammoth Resort Conference Center
Mammoth Lakes, CA

Hosted by The Sierra Business Council and the Sierra Nevada Conservancy, SIERRA SOLUTIONS highlights leading sustainability speakers, who believe, “The Sierra Nevada is a place that serves as a model for the rest of the nation – it is a place where we pursue a green economy, support valuable ecosystems, and design sustainable communities.” Steve Frisch, Sierra Business Council

Solution-based tools, processes and opportunities for ensuring sustainable and vibrant Sierra communities, landscapes and local economies are the focus of this 2-day event in scenic Mammoth, California.

Web Site:

Conference details—Nikki Streegan 530.582.4800, 530.582.4800
Media: Pamela Biery, 530.470.9292
Details on High Sierra Energy: Rick Phelps, 760.934.4650



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