Split ape music image and convert to mp3 files

Released on: September 2, 2008, 1:31 am

Press Release Author: SoftRM

Industry: Media

Press Release Summary: Ape Ripper is a tool to split a big APE file to separate MP3
files or split APE file to other format audio files including WAV, MP2, VOX, G726,

Press Release Body: Ape Ripper is a ape music file converter to convert ape and cue
file to mp3 files or other format audio files including WAV, MP2, VOX, G726, and
G723. Ape file is always too big for mp3 players, so with Ape Ripper you can convert
ape to mp3 and then transfer converted mp3 files to your mp3 player.


* Easy to use, you only need to select a APE file and a CUE file.
* Supports output of MP3, WAV, MP2, VOX, G726, G723 format.
* Supports MP3 ID3v1 and ID3v2 tag. ID3 tags are collected from the are file and
cue file automatically.
* Embeds a MP3 ID3 editor support MP3, MP2, MPEG, MP+, MPC, OGG and AVI audio
* Supports customizable output MP3 bitrate from 8 kbps to 320 kbps.
* Supports customizable output MP3 sampling frequency from 8000 Hz to 44100 Hz.
* Supports customizable MP3 quality, the better quality the slower ripping.
* Supports customizable audio format for MP2, VOX, G723, G726 including channel,
sampling frequency and bitrate.
* Supports automalic folder and finame creator with Album, Artist, Title and
Track number
* You can select all tracks or part of tracks in ape file to be ripped.
* Supports multilanguage including English, French, German, Spanish, Italian,
Dutch, Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese
* Supports 11 skins.

The upgrade is free for registered user. Please visit
http://www.softrm.com/english/ape-ripper.htm for more information.

Web Site: http://www.softrm.com/english/ape-ripper.htm

Contact Details: Address: No. 6, FU CHENG Road,, Beijing
China (People\'s Rep)

Phone Number: 86-010-68512268
Email: john@softrm.com

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